Decorative, Wall Art: Flatiron Recolours Monmon Cats
This is the second upload, as promised, based on textures from Monmon Cats, these images being of CATS! this time.  I love the style of these.
These are recolours of the IKEA Flatiron Building picture (landscape) or my portraitised version of that mesh which can be found here.

Edit to note: I realised, btw, that when I took the pictures of these, I was using the version of the mesh I made before I centralised the placement of it. The version of the mesh in the file on the other thread is the properly centred version. I didn't want to retake the pictures! As a consequence, the appearance in the illustrations in this thread is a little deceiving - the mesh does place symmetrically over the two wall panels.

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I love these cats!

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