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  Cactus Gardening Room
Posted by: maxon - 15-09-20, 08:36 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

This is my entry for the SimPearls September Wallpaper Makes the Room contest.  The theme was 'Cactus'.  Just the pictures for now while the contest is running.

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  Polgannon Posts and Plays
Posted by: maxon - 13-09-20, 07:48 PM - Forum: Polgannon - No Replies

This is a list of links to others who have posted about Polgannon.

Polgannon Makeovers by Kiri (Celebkiriedhel)
Ruan and Margaret
Jory and Cedric
Arthur, Jowan and Richard
Gwen and Cordelia
Rozen and Seth - I particularly like Seth's side-whiskers here
Eva, Davyth and Karenza
Breoc, Nessa and Tegan and Kelyn.  Breoc looks suitable tired (exhausted) here
Len Griselda and Theodore
Senara and Marrek

An Early 20thC Makeover by Amythestfenix

Millennial Mary Let's Plays
Introduction with Jory, Cordelia, Gwen, Karenza, Richard and the Kestles
Back Story 1 with the cops (Ruan and Breoc (and his family, Nessa, Tegan and Kelyn)), Margaret, Rozen and a bit more on Jory’s story

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  Fishmonger lot
Posted by: celebkiriedhel - 18-08-20, 12:17 PM - Forum: Shop Building - Replies (3)

Fish CC

BeOSBoxBoy's Innsmouth Set - has boxes with fish, crabs, lobster.

[Image: w-927h-650-49766.jpg]

Birgit43 Complete Fish-shop

[Image: 155290.jpg]

Limonaire Fish (4t2)

[Image: tumblr_pajdiwDt7j1x8evj8o4_1280.png]

SimWardrobe has fishing stuffs for business - although his site is gone, it is downloadable at the sims graveyard.

PlumbobKeep has a lot of stuff for fish

[Image: NZhCbXa.png]

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  Modern Nursery Starlight Walls
Posted by: maxon - 15-08-20, 03:54 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

This is my entry for the SimPearls Wallpaper Makes the Room contest for August 2020 - the brief was to design a modern nursery.
When I did my research for this (aka looking at pictures on Google), I found a lot of achingly tasteful designs in severely bleached out colours and lots of gray (GRAY! In a BABY's room!).  The modern advice seems to be to create a calming room for a baby. But with all the leached out colours and dead grays, I felt many modern little darlings must be badly sensory-deprived. You know: numb rather than calm, even if they have burgeoning highly-refined tastes.  

So, as I don't want to underburden our little sim children and I absolutely have no taste, I made these instead. Not sure they quite come under the area of modern either.

.rar   max_StarlightNursery.rar (Size: 283.76 KB / Downloads: 73)  

I only made the yellow walls for the contest but I also include an alternative in green because that was what I was going to do first - then I changed my mind.  There's also a cream carpet in the rar file - based on one of the EAxis carpets though I've forgotten which one.  I was going for a modern (natch) calm atmosphere but with something a child might actually want to look at.  Besides, those watercolour stars are lovely.


Yellow Swatch needed for entry:

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Posted by: celebkiriedhel - 08-08-20, 03:45 AM - Forum: Shop Building - No Replies

Texturing, Recolouring - good
I like to do Stained Glass windows as well - using MLC's window film.

Meshing, mapping - very slow, but ok.

Modifying BHAVS - 
adding functionality to existing objects - ok
Doing stuff from scratch - less so, but willing to go for it.

Slots - good
Repository - good
adding footprints - ok

pretty much anything that is needed - if I can find a tutorial, I can do it.

Things I can't do -

Shadows - I've never been able to get them to work, so I tend to just remove them on new objects.
animations, and adding sounds.

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  Fromes Contents
Posted by: maxon - 07-08-20, 02:09 PM - Forum: Shop Building - Replies (5)

I would like to get more of the intended contents for Fromes finished - mainly because I got stuck on the bloody weighing scales and didn't finish - or even start - on what I wanted to include.  I hate those scales - but I have an idea to sort out the issue (yet another idea - I tried at least 5 variants as it is).

Anyway, I started on (British) cheeses and here they are as they are atm:  There are two truckles in various states of completion with two variants of each truckle.  
The first is a big traditional truckle which has recolours for Cheddar and Stilton (of course Stilton was one of the first cheeses I made, I love it).  I was thinking of adding a Lancashire recolour as Lancs tends to come in big truckles like that too - a Lancs recolour could double for Caerphilly.  There are two variants for each with one being a child of the parent mesh.  There is a complete truckle (the child) and one with a slice taken out (the parent).  I was thinking of adding a further child mesh of a slice for purchasing.  I tend to prefer to make food thing stockable only when they are the sort of thing that would be generally purchased irl - so I was thinking the slice would be stockable but the truckles not and for display only.

The second is a waxed truckle - as you can see with that, it needs both the texture adding and the shadows sorting out plus I was going to add a slice for this too.  

The final thing I started was the hatched thing there - it's meant to be the start of a potted cheese thing - like this.  It's the sort of thing people buy as presents at Christmas (and if anyone wants to send me a potted Stilton, please feel free to knock yourself out).

There are a couple of other cheeses I'd probably like to make too - big brie wheel and a wheel of Yarg for starters.

Then I was going to add boxes and rounds of crackers and maybe some pickles in jars - there's already a nice mesh for a jam/pickle jar available.  Plus, as CC from elsewhere, wine bottles.

Did you see this BTW?  I made it for your present then forgot to send it to you.

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  Community Lot List
Posted by: celebkiriedhel - 07-08-20, 04:16 AM - Forum: Shop Building - Replies (2)

Career Lots (career - lot ideas):
Adventurer - mines, caves, rivers
Advertisng - ad agency
Archaeology - dig site, museum
Architect - architecture firm, construction site
Artist - gallery
Astronomy - observatory
Athletic - stadium
Auto Mechanic - automotive repair shop/garage
Banking/Investments - bank, savings and loan office
Business - corporate offices
Construction - construction site
Counseling Psychology - counseling/psychology rooms, hospital
Criminal - gang hangout
CSI - crime lab
Dance - dance studio
Education - school
Entertainment - film studio, TV studio
Factory Worker - factory
Fashion Design - fashion studio, modeling agency
Figure Skater - ice rink
Fire Service - fire station
Forensics - crime lab
Game Development - software studio
Grocery - grocery store, supermarket
Hospitality - hotel, event venue
Intelligence - SCIA/intelligence agency
Journalism - newspaper office, newsroom, TV studio
Law - law firm, court room
Law Enforcement - police station
Librarian - library
Medicine - hospital, GP's office
Meteorology - TV studio
Military - army base
Modeling - fashion studio, modeling agency
Music - recording studio
Natural Science - aquarium, museum
News - TV studio
Oceanography - aquarium, museum
Paleontology - dig site, museum
Photography - photography studio, gallery
Politics - town/city hall
Postal Service - post office
Realtor - real estate office
Science - aquarium, laboratory, museum
Show Business - film studio, TV studio
Social Worker - hospital, social services
Taxi Driving - taxi company office
Textiles - factory
Tourism - tourist centre
Travel - travel agency
Veterinarian - vet surgery

Educational/cultural lots:
art gallery
daycare centre
fashion studio
film studio
photography studio
recording studio
schools - primary school, high school, music school, culinary school, art school, ballet school

amusement park
venues - opera house, rock concert venue, concert hall, cinema, theatre
video arcade

Event venues:
function hall/function centre
Vegas-style wedding chapel

auction house
real estate agency

equestrian centre
ice rink
roller rink
soccer field
swimming pool - indoor, outdoor
yoga studio

army base
city hall/town hall
fire station
gaol/prison/juvenile detention centre
police station
adoption agency
jobs agency/career services

Great outdoors:
beach lots - surf school, campground, state park with educational exhibits, surf fishing area, boardwalk
fish hatchery
parks - large park, small park, abandoned/run-down park, community garden, fishing pond, playground, sculpture garden, botanical gardens, skateboard/bike park
summer camp
town square

counselling/psychology rooms
free clinic
GP's office
plastic surgery clinic

NIMBY (not in my backyard - many sims might not want to live near these places but poorer sims may not have the choice):
fortune teller
gas/service/petrol station
homeless shelter/social services/AA meeting place
House of Ill Repute (make of that what you will)
power plant
shipping yard
storage yard
tattoo parlour

beauty salon

Paranormal lots: 
Underground plasma bar (vampires)
Werewolf grooming service
Witch Doctor's office
Witch's Lair

market place
shops (stand-alone or as part of a larger mall/shopping centre) - 
art supplies
baby stuff
car dealership/used car lot
farmer's market
fish market
newsagency/card shop
video games

bars - dive bar, underground bar, Irish pub, gay/lesbian bar, wine bar, karaoke bar, sports bar, beach bar, medieval theme
clubs - nightclub, jazz club, disco, dance club, retro club
eateries - fancy restaurant, tea room (high tea, Moroccan), bistro, Chinese, pancakes, coffee shop, Mexican, sushi bar, beatnik cafe, outdoor cafe, Indian, diner, cyber cafe, ice cream/pastry shop, 50s diner, seafood, pizzeria, chocolaterie
make-out point (like Inspiration Point on Happy Days)
youth centre/teen hangout

Travel and attractions:
Bus station
Hotels - hostel, upscale resort, cheap motel
Souvenir shop
Taxi company office
Tourist centre
Train station

Travel agency
Winery (they are nectaries in TS3, maybe juiceries in TS2, seeing Sims get juice from the bars)

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Posted by: maxon - 04-08-20, 08:06 PM - Forum: Shop Building - Replies (11)

OK Kiri, here we are.  What I think we agreed so far and a few more comments:

1. We're interested in building some row shops, as per your preferences stated in the GoS Christmas in July (2020) thread and in response to my building Fromes Cheese Shop for you.
2. We both agreed that we like the sort of shops we saw in pictures from Ludlow (link to some source pictures).  Ludlow's an old market town (there's a lovely market square) and is typical of this type of town in the west of England.  It has some really quaint streets in the centre but isn't full-blown half timber as in Chester or York (though there are some half timber buildings here and there).  It's a nice town, I've always liked it.  I think I was channeling Ludlow when I started thinking about making Market Bannaby - which is a new hood project which, tbh, hasn't moved far past the planning stage.  Maybe this will help me get started on the build.

I attach a lot file which is the sort of thing I use as a starting point when I build stuff like this.  It's just the most rough outline - the stone floor tiles measure off the build area which will be chopped off when we shrink the lot.  And I've put in the wall 'lugs' that will attach to the adjacent lot - measured to Fromes.  We can change that, of course, especially at the back.  I put four tiles of pavement at the front to give room for shop-front decor (for Fromes I mean) - this matches and will set, I'm afraid where the frontage must be if you want it consistent.  Anyway, this is where I would start each time if I was building more than one shop.


I think the next question would be what sort of shops do we want to build?  We could continue the comestibles theme and go for a butchers or fish shop maybe?  Or maybe old-fashioned things like an Ironmonger or drapers (I love those old words that no-one uses these days)?  Or perhaps the more conventional game-type thing like a toyshop or cafe?  We could do a variety of course.  What about you?  What would you like?

Attached Files
.rar   Shop Template Lot.rar (Size: 120.92 KB / Downloads: 55)
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  GoS Christmas in July Present for Kiri
Posted by: maxon - 31-07-20, 04:28 PM - Forum: Lots: Commercial - Replies (1)

So I made a Christmas in July present for Kiri over at Garden of Shadows - you can read about it here and the download on SFS is here.  The shop is not finished yet and there is some more CC to come - you can read about it on my and Kiri's workshop threads over here.  Once I have completed the CC I wanted to make, I'll upload an updated version of the lot to this thread.  The pictures are here because they are linked to the GoS thread - also that cheesecutter, which didn't make it to the original present, is available at the SFS link too.






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  Country Kitchen Pastel Plank Walls
Posted by: maxon - 12-07-20, 04:05 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

This is my entry for the SimPearls Wallpaper Makes the Room contest for July 2020.  
The brief was to create two walls to a theme of a country kitchen.  I'm never sure when people talk about decorating styles whether I miss something about that.  For this I just thought about my grandmother's home when I was a child - miles out in the country.  It was always colder there than it was at home in the city and everything was a bit worn but also clean and bright (because the air was considerably cleaner).  I came across a picture with these lovely pastel painted planks which, I thought, got across the idea of that pretty well.  

.rar   max_CKPastelPlanksWalls.rar (Size: 282.69 KB / Downloads: 103)
I made two walls for the contest but there's also an extra wall in the rar file with just the planks going floor to ceiling which could be used as an outside wall. The interior walls, as is usual with walls I make, are designed to work with the ceilings in the game - so the crown board sits under the ceiling.

I've been doing a few of these contests and events lately and really enjoying them.

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