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  Garden Flowers Visible in Neighbourhood - DEFAULT replacement
Posted by: maxon - 21-01-19, 06:29 PM - Forum: Game Mods - Replies (5)

There have been a few instances of people improving the appearance of lot imposters in neighbourhood view (or when on another lot) just recently.  So I thought I'd join in and actually release these - they've been hanging around in my Downloads folder for well over a year (if not longer).  

Don't you find it irritating when you build a lovely garden on a lot like this:
And then this is what you get when you look at the lot from the neighbourhood view.
With these default replacement mods, you get this instead:
I mean, it's not fixing the lot imposter issue, I know, but I think it looks a lot better.  

This is what the lot looks like when viewed from other lot:
And close up you can see what's happening:
What these little defaults do is force the game to use the on-lot mesh (i.e. the regular mesh) of the basic flowers in neighbourhood view so you can now see the flowers in the imposter.  The files are tiny and can be dropped in your Downloads folder.  To see the effect though, you need to go into a lot, make a small build change and save - to force the game to update the lot imposter.  I usually either place a floor tile or build a segment of wall.  You can undo the change immediately - it doesn't matter - all you are doing is convincing the game there's been something changed and it needs to overwrite the last save and make a new imposter.

There are 18 files here: defaults for the half-size flower beds and full-size flower beds for the 9 basic flowers that come with a full version of the game:

  • Daisies of our Lives 
  • Dandy Daylilies
  • Grand Gerberas
  • Iris Surprise
  • Merry Marigolds
  • NoPalitos Prickly Pear
  • Papavers Poppies
  • Perpetual Pansies
  • Top Tulips
There are a few caveats to this:

The first thing is that the game, for some mad reason I have not been able to fathom, has issues displaying all the instances of a plant if you use the same colour all over a lot.  Have a look at the following:
On lot you can see it spells NOPE but in neighbourhood view, the game misses out some of the flowers (and now spells Nni).  I don't know why (and if someone can help me solve this, get in touch).

Using different colours, even when you use the same flower, obviates the problem:
Other issues:
  1. The flowers will be visible all year round - they won't change with the seasons because lot imposters don't.  Lived in lots will update but empty lots or community lots won't.  Personally, I don't care.  I like to see my gardens (see next post).
  2. As these are default replacements, you can't use these with other defaults for the flowers.  However, it might be possible to combine these with any other default replacements you have.  The default here only replaces the CRES and the SHPE part of the file.  Ask me if you have something like this.
  3. Be warned, as these defaults force the game to use the on lot mesh, if you have issues with memory management for the game, this might add to your computer's load.  If you have problems, remove the files (sorry but there it is)
Last of all, here they all are:

Attached Files
.rar   max_VisibleNeighbourhoodFlowers.rar (Size: 18.64 KB / Downloads: 31)
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  Decorative, Wall Art: Flatiron Recolours Monmon Cats
Posted by: maxon - 14-01-19, 11:29 AM - Forum: Buy Mode Objects - Replies (1)

This is the second upload, as promised, based on textures from Monmon Cats, these images being of CATS! this time.  I love the style of these.
These are recolours of the IKEA Flatiron Building picture (landscape) or my portraitised version of that mesh which can be found here.

Edit to note: I realised, btw, that when I took the pictures of these, I was using the version of the mesh I made before I centralised the placement of it. The version of the mesh in the file on the other thread is the properly centred version. I didn't want to retake the pictures! As a consequence, the appearance in the illustrations in this thread is a little deceiving - the mesh does place symmetrically over the two wall panels.

Attached Files
.rar   max_MonMonCats_Cats_Recolours.rar (Size: 1.82 MB / Downloads: 9)
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  Decorative, Wall Art: Flat Iron Portrait Monmon Cats Bulldogs
Posted by: maxon - 12-01-19, 08:56 PM - Forum: Buy Mode Objects - Replies (1)

I discovered this amazing Japanese site, Monmon Cats about a year ago with lovely original images of cats (and some dogs) done in a modern, yet 'traditional', Japanese style.  I think the images are very attractive and I truly recommend visiting the site for a pleasurable interlude of browsing (not to mention shopping!).  

Having said that, I have since selected a few of my favourites and made them into pictures for my game and I thought I'd share.  I particularly liked these French bulldogs but needed a portrait mesh for them.  I wanted something like the Flatiron building poster without a frame but that's a landscape.  So I took that mesh and made a portrait version.
So this is a new mesh based on the Flatiron Building Premiar Painting from the IKEA stuff pack - BUT I made this Base Game compatible instead so if you don't have IKEA it should still work.  The pink bulldog picture is the original mesh and there's a green bulldog picture as a recolour.  (also, I made some cat recolours too - those to follow shortly).

The new mesh can be found in
Decorative: Walls for $289 (same as the original so you should find this new mesh next door to the Flatiron painting in the catalogue)
Poly count: 142

Edit to note: I realised, btw, that when I took the pictures of these, I was using the version of the mesh I made before I centralised the placement of it. The version of the mesh in the file here is the properly centred version. I didn't want to retake the pictures! As a consequence, the appearance in the illustrations in this thread is a little deceiving - the mesh does place symmetrically over the two wall panels.

Attached Files
.rar   max_FlatIronPortrait_FrBulldogs.rar (Size: 598.19 KB / Downloads: 8)
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  Fruit Cremes
Posted by: maxon - 05-01-19, 09:51 PM - Forum: Food - No Replies

This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr. 

So I made the first of these fruit cremes a while ago - fiddling about with desserts for sims after discussing it with Charity over at MTS.  Aaaand… as usual I went over the top and made 6 flavours instead of just the one.  
They’re cloned off this Chocolate Pudding by Morague so they’re just recolours really.  You need the pretty custom crystal bowls (files included in download) in order that the desserts function correctly.  The six flavours are blackberry fool, banana creme, peach mousse, raspberry cream, lemon mousse and gooseberry fool (my all time favourite dessert).
They need cooking level 2 and have a preparation stage and half eaten stage.  

Attached Files
.rar   max_FruitCremes.rar (Size: 732.66 KB / Downloads: 13)
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  Architecture: A Bit Steep - Mansard Roof Recolours
Posted by: maxon - 05-01-19, 09:44 PM - Forum: Build Mode Objects - No Replies

This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr. 
So I was trying to help someone over at MTS with something SimPE related and had a look at the Mansard roof pieces called A Bit Steep.  I rattled off a few quick recolours because that roof piece, in fact, uses the same textures as the Conexion Bohemia roof pieces which I rescaled (made quarter-sized) and recoloured here and I still had the recolour textures.  That was easy and a bit of a cheat really but I thought I’d put them up anyway.

There are four tile recolours (red, green, blue and yellow), four steel plate recolours  (red, green, blue and yellow) and a wooden chevron pattern that I just had to make when I fiddled with the Conexion pieces - don’t ask me why.  Also frame recolours in sandstone, red sandstone, dark (black I guess) and wooden (for the chevron pattern).  The dark frame and the yellow plate are from the Conexion EAxis textures.

Attached Files
.rar   max_ABitSteepRoofRecolours.rar (Size: 893.89 KB / Downloads: 11)
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  Decorative, Curtains: Cafe Curtain Recolours
Posted by: maxon - 05-01-19, 09:35 PM - Forum: Buy Mode Objects - No Replies

This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr. 

I’ve been looking at fabric patterns, patchwork and embroidery from Kaffe Fassett with a view to making some bedding and other household fabrics.  I just tried out a couple of patterns on the Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtain and they turned out, I thought, rather nice so I uploaded them.  I doubled the texture size to get a better definition on the pattern - so the file sizes are larger than other recolours for this mesh.
Nothing major but I like them anyway.  Thought they might do nicely for bathrooms though I guess kitchens and cafes might work too.

Also, as a bonus for this upload, I also include here (so this is not on tumblr) a couple of recolours for the same curtains using textures from the ever reliable Fat Strawberry.  
These are older recolours but they're bright and cheerful.

Attached Files
.rar   max_CafeCurtain_FatStrawberry.rar (Size: 17.93 KB / Downloads: 8)
.rar   max_CafeCurtain_KaffeFassettFish.rar (Size: 78.81 KB / Downloads: 11)
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  Decorative, Wall Art: NASA - JPL Travel Posters
Posted by: maxon - 05-01-19, 09:17 PM - Forum: Buy Mode Objects - No Replies

This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr. 

Back in 2016, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory posted a series of poster designs meant to reflect and celebrate their current research interests.  As I have a bit of a thing for vintage travel posters, I immediately made these into posters for the game.  I loooooove the images, especially as I’m also a bit of a space programme fangirl.  
However, someone over at MTS beat me to it and I never uploaded them anywhere so I thought I’d belatedly upload them here.  I confess <whisper it> I’ve always preferred my own recolours of these (I think I framed them better).  <ahem> There are fourteen as follows:

Solar Planets
Moons and Dwarf Planets
And Extra-Solar Planets

They’re on the  Pineapple poster and you will need the CEP and Nightlife.

Attached Files
.rar   max_NASA-JPLTravelPosters.rar (Size: 865.45 KB / Downloads: 10)
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  Neighbourhood Cows
Posted by: maxon - 05-01-19, 09:10 PM - Forum: Neighbourhood Objects - Replies (1)

This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr.  
Becks made a cow for neighbourhood decor - a long time ago now too since it was posted in 2010 - which was a great idea and I liked it.  BUT it was scaled much larger than Sunni’s excellent neighbourhood horses which I love with all my heart.  Here's a comparison picture, the original cow is on the left.  I was going to shrink the mesh but - busy - and then Shastakiss told me she’d already done it (hurrah!) so I thought I’d do some recolours.  Well, there starts a story.  I thought a simple colour replacement to start and then realised the original texture is … not so good.  And then the shadow is bad (as you can see) and the cows have the neighbourhood decor floating issue (common enough).
So I did some full on recolours using real cow hide!  Plus I removed the shadow and moved the mesh down a little to get their little hooves onto solid earth.  I got carried away and made some:


and Jerseys
plus the random black bull there.  As you can see I also fiddled with the mesh a bit to get a bull (moved down the stomach a bit, thickened the neck, reduced the udders - look I wasn’t willing to model bull balls so that’s the compromise) and some calves.  The calf mesh was thinned and shrunk, obviously, but also I changed the stomach a little, removed the udders and made the head slightly bigger in relation to the torso.  Also, I shrank the body front-to-back a little in an attempt to get more of a calf shape and lengthened the legs.  The bigger one is called ‘teen’ in the file name.  

There’s also one more version of the Ayrshire in the rar file because when I totted it up originally there were thirteen files - and we can’t have that.  So 14 files altogether. They’re not perfect - the mapping is a little rough in places but I wasn’t up for remapping as well as retexturing and I’m not the world’s best mesher but I hope you like them.  I’m quite pleased with the textures and - bizarrely - I love that black bull.

I put them under Flora in the neighbourhood decor catalogues and they can be placed on lots.

Finally, what they look like from the neighbourhood view:
Thanks also to GreatCheescakePersona and Criquette for some lovely background stuff to set them off.

Attached Files
.rar   max_NeighbourhoodCattle.rar (Size: 1.45 MB / Downloads: 16)
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  Splash of Colour Tiles - Variations
Posted by: maxon - 05-01-19, 06:51 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

These are one of the oldest sets of walls I ever made.  They're a very straightforward recolour of the in-game Splash of Sage tile - most useful in bathrooms.  They are found under wall Tiles and cost $7 just like the original wall covering.
Although these are several years old now, I have consistently used these throughout my gaming history with TS2 and have always found them useful for public bathrooms on community lots.  There are a lot of public bathrooms in Little Carping and surrounding areas with this wall treatment.  I think the council must have had a job lot contract.

So I offer them here (they were originally uploaded to T$R - hissssss).  Don't expect too much of the texture.  They really are a pretty simple recolour.  A swatch:

Attached Files
.zip   maxon_WallTiles_SplashofColour.zip (Size: 72.55 KB / Downloads: 10)
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  Katvip's STALKER Shrub 01
Posted by: LemonSoup - 03-01-19, 03:56 PM - Forum: CC Fixins - Replies (2)

You said post a thread here about this so here it is.  Do you know why the shrub (01) from katvip's Stalker objects doesn't appear properly on lot or seems to get replaced by something else?  Link: http://kativip.ucoz.ru/load/kativip/sets...s/5-1-0-10

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