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  Decorative, Rugs: Sveje Recolours
Posted by: maxon - 02-02-20, 07:05 PM - Forum: Buy Mode Objects - No Replies

I made these recolours when I made my Goldenrosen Landhaus Alpine chalet.  I wanted the bathrooms to colour-match the bedrooms they were attached to.  There are also some matching walls and floors here.

These are recolours of the EAxis rug Sveje that came with the Ikea stuff pack (so you need that pack for these to be useable).  I've always felt these make a great bathroom rug and now we can have a wider set making them more useful. I added a brown, a purple and an orange.

Attached Files
.zip   max_SVEJERugRecolours.zip (Size: 103.24 KB / Downloads: 21)
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  Chalet Walls
Posted by: maxon - 02-02-20, 06:46 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

I created these chalet walls for use with my Goldenrosen Landhaus which I built for the Wanderlust competition at MTS.  They were designed to evoke the sense of being in an Alpen lodge - warm golden brown tones and natural wood surfaces. I also used in the build some older lodge walls of mine.  If you downloaded the Goldenrosen Landhaus and its CC bundle, you will get these walls in that set of packages but I thought I would also upload the walls here as a free-standing set.

Included are:
Chalet walls and floors - there are two wooden interior chalet walls made using a texture from High Resolution Textures. These are found in Paneling and cost $8.
and a lovely wooden chalet floor with a texture from The Foundary, found in Wooden Floors and costing $7.  WARNING - this is a high resolution file and the file size is large.
There are three lodge walls - a wide-logged one called Log Cabin Siding and two narrower-logged walls called Clapboard Siding, one horizontally laid, the other vertical. These textures were made by me (quite a long time ago now too). These are in Siding and cost $8.
There is a simple brown recolour of the in-game Goth Aged Wood floor (see comparison picture) which was used for the ceilings. This is also in wooden floors and costs $8 (that was a mistake - it should be $6).

There are two rars here - one contains all the walls and floors EXCEPT the Chalet Wooden Floor - this was separated out because it's a huge file size because I didn't shrink the high resolution texture (it looks great).  I might remake that, as a matter of fact, reducing the resolution.

Attached Files
.rar   max_ChaletWallsnFloors.rar (Size: 351.25 KB / Downloads: 14)
.rar   max_ChaletWoodenFloor.rar (Size: 1.81 MB / Downloads: 14)
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  Modern Tiles GO - Additional Floor and Wall Tiles
Posted by: maxon - 02-02-20, 05:36 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

When I built my Goldenrosen Landhaus for the Wanderlust content at MTS, I made some recolours of EAxis's Modern Tile GO! walls which were used in the bathrooms. These were made so I could colour-match the bedrooms and bathrooms. 

They come in yellow, purple and brown and I also made an orange which was not used on the lot but I wanted that colour for the set.  They are in Tiles and cost $1 just like the originals.

I also made a quick set of matching floor tiles for the walls following the model of those done by Rosebine. These were not used on the lot but I've uploaded them because I thought people might like them since Rosebine did such a good job extending the set and making those walls useful and more usable. They are also in yellow, purple, brown and orange to match the walls. There are two tile sizes - personally, I prefer the smaller tiles but you might like the larger ones.  They are in Tiles and cost $5 just like Rosie's.

There are also some recolours of the Sveje Ikea rugs here in matching colours.

Attached Files
.rar   max_ExtraFloorTiles_ModernTilesGo.rar (Size: 18.03 KB / Downloads: 20)
.rar   max_ExtraWallTiles_ModernTilesGo.rar (Size: 12.25 KB / Downloads: 19)
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  Greetings Cards for MogHughson's Postal Systems
Posted by: maxon - 01-02-20, 06:05 PM - Forum: Buy Mode Objects - No Replies

These were all originally uploaded to MTS.

I was inspired by MogHughson's postal system mod (here) to upload my first CC to MTS back in the day - I eventually made nine sets of cards.  The mod itself is quite old now but is still very much a goody and I'm still using it.  It's a great little addition to gameplay.  So I thought I'd upload all these files even though they're quite old now.  Go over to Mog's thread to understand how to use the mod and download the needed base object for the card system.  My files are below and then I've included, at the bottom of the page, pictures from the upload threads so you can see what you like and what you don't.

I made cards for: 

  • Bereavement 4
  • Birthday 13
  • Christmas 22
  • Engagement 1
  • Friendship 6
  • Get Well Soon 1
  • Graduation 4
  • Retirement 4
  • Valentine 1
  • Wedding Anniversary 6
  • Wedding 12
Most of the files have self-explanatory names but the first two uploads I made were mixed collections consisting of some Christmas cards and other cards.  If you have a look at the pictures, I've noted which zip/rar files belong to the collections.  

So, these are various card sets for use with Moghughson's Postal System Mod with which your sims can bother their friends in your neighbourhood. Sims will receive a small positive boost to their friendship levels when they read the card.  I claim no particular artistic talent for these - the images came off the net. I fiddled about a bit and there is some creative input on my part (it's fun, what can I say?) but let's not overstate things, eh?

Each card has its own verse but be warned: I'm English, I don't do sentimental so they're not squishy and sweet but tart.

You will need the postal system by MogHughson which you can find here. That thread also contains all information about how to use these cards. You can even make your own cards for yourself with different categories.

.zip   max_7_Birthday-Valentines-GetWell-Bereavement-Cards.zip (Size: 52.32 KB / Downloads: 21)
.zip   max_6_Bereavement-EngagementCards.zip (Size: 51.84 KB / Downloads: 19)
.rar   max_BirthdayCards2016.rar (Size: 132.04 KB / Downloads: 21)
.zip   max_ChristmasCards.zip (Size: 37.9 KB / Downloads: 23)
.zip   max_ChristmasCards2.zip (Size: 38.88 KB / Downloads: 21)
.rar   max_ChristmasCards2015.rar (Size: 172.32 KB / Downloads: 19)
.zip   max_FriendshipCards.zip (Size: 87.84 KB / Downloads: 23)
.zip   max_GraduationCards.zip (Size: 52.42 KB / Downloads: 23)
.zip   max_RetirementCards.zip (Size: 66.41 KB / Downloads: 22)
.zip   max_WeddingAnniversaryCards.zip (Size: 80.79 KB / Downloads: 20)
.zip   max_WeddingCards.zip (Size: 182.61 KB / Downloads: 22)

Birthday Cards

Christmas Cards - the later ones.  The file is ChristmasCards2015

Friendship Cards

Graduation Cards

Retirement Cards

Wedding Anniversary Cards

Wedding Cards

This is the first collection - 3 Christmas (file is ChristmasCards - on the left), then 1 each of valentine, birthday, get well, and bereavement (the file for these is labelled 7 - on the right)

This is the second collection - 3 Christmas (file is ChristmasCards2 - on the left), then 1 engagement, and 3 bereavement - there are only two on the picture but there's a bonus one in there as well (the file for these is labelled 6 - on the right). I think I must have been having a lot of deaths in Little Carping at the time.

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  Goldenrosen Landhaus - an Alpine hotel
Posted by: maxon - 27-01-20, 07:20 PM - Forum: Lots: Vacation - No Replies

This lot was originally posted at MTS after it was made for the Wanderlust contest held in 2018.  This was my third submission to that contest. This is what I said about it at the time:

"A Ski Chalet in Waldigrenze Valley...
So, the first time I ever went skiing about a million years ago in Italy as a teenager, I didn't know it then, but I stayed in a classic Alpen chalet. I discovered a number of other things on that trip including cappucinos, that U-shaped and hanging valleys were, in fact, a thing despite what I thought about them in Geography classes and that proper Italian pasta, cooked by Italians tastes divine just dressed with olive oil and salt and pepper. So, in memory of that trip and in tribute to all things European (because I'm apparently not going to be one much longer), I present das Goldenrosen Landhaus, my version of an Alpine ski chalet (this one based in Austria by the name). These buildings are usually made of stone and wood and have interiors which feature warm wood tones, fur rugs and roaring fires - which is what I was going for."


.zip   max_GoldenrosenLandhaus.zip (Size: 1.76 MB / Downloads: 27) (more pictures below - scroll right down to bottom.  CC is in rar here on Sims File Share - explanation below of all included (or not))

This is a hotel lot. There are six rentable colour-coded bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a lounge with a bar, a dining room and a sauna. The rooms are a mix of single, double and family. It makes an ideal base for a mountain getaway (with skiing - how I wish sims could ski (I know about Chris Hatch's mod - just wish EAxis had done it, a winter sports EP would've been great)). The lot was made in AGS in an empty neighbourhood, has been cleaned of any sim references and then treated with Chris Hatch's lot cleaner. The Sims2Pack file was saved without any CC - you will have to download the needed CC (see below). You can load the lot without the CC but you will get a very stripped down version (decorate it yourself!) and a very pretty birch tree garden - not what was intended but nice anyway. Despite what the pictures show, the lot has never been played - those pictures are from a test version (so it has been play-tested).


I used the Mountain Fireplace in this lot. This is a BV fireplace which comes without a base (why EAxis?). To get round this problem, I built a piece of foundation underneath the bottom of the fireplace outside the lot (using the Lot Adjuster to do so). However, you might want to investigate this fix by Huge Lunatic at MTS and delete-and-replace the fireplace (deleting the foundation tile first) to get a base to generate. I didn't include this in the CC because it's a default/recolourable replacement mod.

BTW, the phone was moved but might reset when you place the lot.  This is where it's meant to be.

Custom Content
There is quite a bit of CC used in the lot and a complete list follows. I packed the lot up without its CC but there is a link at the bottom of the page with a bundled rar file with all CC included to save you chasing round for it. All CC is included in the bundle except two items - Reyn's Open Underneath Deck Stairs and an OMSP (see below for links). If you don't have those items already, I'd advise you to go and get them since they are both a great enhancement to the game.

Content made by me
I made some CC for the lot as follows.  These are included in the bundle but are also available here on this site (with some extras not used on this particular lot)

  • Chalet walls and floors - there are two wooden interior chalet walls made using a texture from High Resolution Textures. These are found in Paneling and cost $8.
  • and a lovely wooden chalet floor with a texture from The Foundary, found in wooden floors and costing $7.
  • There are three lodge walls - a wide-logged one called Log Cabin Siding used on the upper floors on the outside of the chalet and two narrower-logged walls, called Clapboard Siding, used on the sauna and the roof level, one horizontally laid, the other vertical. These textures were made by me (quite a long time ago now too). These are in Siding and cost $8.
  • There is a simple brown recolour of the in-game Goth Aged Wood floor (see comparison picture) which was used for the ceilings. This is also in wooden floors and costs $8 (that was a mistake - it should be $6).
  • Recolours of EAxis's Modern Tile GO! walls used in the bathrooms in yellow, purple and brown (there is also an orange version in the walls section of this site - it's not used here but I wanted that colour for the set). These were made so I could colour match the bedrooms and bathrooms. They are in Tiles and cost $1 just like the originals.
  • Recolours of the IKEA SVEJE Rug used in the bathrooms in purple and brown (again an extra orange recolour elsewhere on this site and done for the same reason). I've always liked using these rugs in bathrooms. The rug is in Decorative>Rugs and costs $19.
Custom Content from elsewhere
Not included and not in bundle

Reyn's open underneath wooden deck stairs here and you also need Numenor's recolourable stairs too so that these work. The stairs used though aren't recoloured - they're just the base colour.
One of Silent Lucidity's OMSPs (small one, no. 3) from here.

Neither of these things is absolutely essential. If you don't have them already, both are really useful additions to the game but if you don't install, the game will just default to the regular deck stairs and give you a couple of free-floating wall shelves. You will need to replace the stairs in that case. I didn't include them in the bundle since they are such common CC and many, many people already have them.

Not included in lot file but bundled - you can use the links to find all the files or use my all-in-one bundle file, linked below.
4ESF Bushes here
4ESF Outdoor6 Olive bush
4ESF Outdoor6 Shrub and dark recolour

Faux Parisian Wall Clock by Adele

Aspire set by ulmille here
Aspire Ceiling Lamp med
Aspire Placemats made by ulmille plus recolour 2
Aspire Vase
Aspire Fireplace Wood

Around the Sims
ATS Magazines plus englishdeco recolour from the Beauty Salon set: here
From the Irish Pub Set: here
ATS Irish Pub - Bottle of beer 001
ATS Irish Pub - Decorative bottles 001 plus 'more' recolour
ATS Irish Pub - Decorative bottles 002
ATS Irish Pub - Glass of beer 001 plus 'more' recolour
ATS irish Pub - Hanging bottles 001 plus 'more' recolour
Skis From the Sports set: here
Skis plus yellow recolour

Beddings - taken from several places as follows. Some are rather old and, in a couple of cases, I have edited the textures to remove fuzzy areas and other small blemishes.

MJS Bedding by JupiterStar - Sugar and Spice 2_01

pjbedding Quilt 03 - I cannot find this one anywhere. I thought it was a fairly recently released file. If anyone knows who made it, please let me know. It's the yellow squared quilted bedspread

Red Sonja's Country Star 3 Quilt

S2D Red Crazy Quilt (edited) - by Sims 2 Day. It's a very old file (where I have tidied up the texture a little). Wayback Machine shows the site but no pictures - seems to be on p.35 of the bedding archive. Sims2Day is on the Graveyard as far as I know but the Graveyard is currently down so I can't check.

Simcastic Green Velvet Bedspread (edited)
Site long gone: The bedspread was one of four which can be seen on page four on the site's image on the Wayback Machine the files are also available at the Graveyard though that is currently down.

sunni Merlotte Bedding

Contempo Good Livin' chair by Bedwyr
Recolours in chestnut, custard, damson, herbgarden, maple and ocean here

Belle Maison Basic and Flower Circle Carpets by SweetAmberkins in Espresso, Forest, Midnight, Rouge, Royale, Tuscan

Pine trees and Snowdrops by Bienchen at http://sim2me.de. You can't give the direct download page link to this site but all are under Downloads>Objects>Plants and then 'Seasons Plants'
Pinie, gross
Pinie, klein plus blau, dunkler and gruener recolours
Pinie, lang plus dunkler and gruener recolours

BV and AL Recolours by Michelle
BV Bar seat Cushion Green Leather
BV Double Bed in Blackwood, Mahogany, White
BV Dresser (Foreign Flavour Dresser) in Blackwood, Mahogany, Whitewood
BV End Table (End Table by Splendid Scenes) in Blackwood, Mahogany, Whitewood
BV Single Bed in Blackwood, Mahogany, Whitewood
BV Customer's First Dining Table in Blackwood, Mahogany, Whitewood
BV TV Unit (Stationary Concierge by Splendid Scene) in Blackwood, Mahogany, Whitewood
Mission Coffee Table in AL Medwood
Easy Swing Door AL Med Wood
Solidity Door AL Medwood
Value Wood Lumbers Justa Door in AL Medwood

Macarossi Fancifully Fuzzy Fern

Original EA Sims Content
Decorative Plate "Mountain World" This object has been exclusively created for "Das offizielle die Sims 2 Magazin". www.Sims2Magazin.de - this was a downloadable freebie with BV

Gwenke plants at sims2artists.com
Rowan tree
Live large shrubby shrub (midbiscus) plus dark and olive recolours
Wild anemones

Dining Set by Hek
Polsterstuhl plus dunkel braun streifen (cushions) and buche dunkel (wooden frame) recolours
Massiver Holztisch (one tile) plus buche dunkel recolour
Massiver Holztisch (two tile)

Wooden Columns and Beams Redux by HugeLunatic
Horizontal Half Round Column 4 Tile
Horizontal Half Round Column 3 Tile
Vertical Round Column

Mushrooms AA
Grass SH: Homecoming Cemetery

Birch Tree Shrubby Larger by Khakidoo

Clump of grass mesh by Lethe_s

My Colonial Bathtub Curtain striped recolours in blue, candy apple red, green, lemon and lilac

Miasmata conversions by Ohbehave (ohbehave007.blogspot.com). Download here
Items used:
Miasmata - Cabbage
Miasmata - Fern1 (MASTER)
Miasmata - Fern2 (SLAVE)
Miasmata - Fern3 (MASTER)
Miasmata - Fern5 (SLAVE)
Miasmata - Ground Clovers
Miasmata - Mushroom1
Miasmata - PineNeedles
Miasmata - Twigs1 (MASTER)
Miasmata - Twigs4 (MASTER)
Miasmata - Twigs5 (SLAVE)

Numenor - Lost and Found EAxis trees made usable
Scotch Pine http://modthesims.info/d/152290

Poppet Veil of Dream recolours in Red, Yellow, Brown, Darker Green, Darker Blue, Darker Purple

Sleds by rosiedogsim http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=48331
A Sled to Hang on the Wall
Old Fashioned Wooden Sled

Link to bundle
I have packed all the CC up into a rar-file bundle which you can download in one for convenience. You can find it here on Sims File Share.  This is not all the CC bundled together in one package file (sometimes understood as the meaning of 'bundled') but simply a rar file containing all the CC files used separately (so you can delete those you don't want).

Thanks should go to Gayars for creating and hosting the contest, plus the judges and other contestants - that was a lot of fun! Also to Numenor for AGS and Chris Hatch for the lot cleaner tool.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 166,832

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Horton Stone Wall Set
Posted by: maxon - 27-01-20, 06:00 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

I originally made this wall set some time ago for a church I was building and was happy with the way they turned out.  Then when I made Polgannon, I decided to use the set for most of the buildings in that neighbourhood in order to give it a cohesive appearance.


There are thirteen walls in the pack, mostly meant for exterior surfaces but there is also one which is half-plastered for interior walls (the top part being taken from EAxis's own paste plaster wall for easy matching).  


Thanks to Granny by Gaslight for the stone texture.  The trims, coping, string course, quoining, dado etc. are taken and recoloured from other EAxis walls.

Attached Files
.zip   max_HortonWallSet.zip (Size: 548.08 KB / Downloads: 19)
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  Cherry Tree Road - 3BDr-1Bath No CC
Posted by: maxon - 27-01-20, 02:01 AM - Forum: Lots: Residential - No Replies

This was originally uploaded to MTS.

This lot was first built when I was going through a house plans building phase and I think that I got the original plans here at Dream Home. However, it was a long time ago and I'm certain this particular plan is no longer available on the site.


I've always liked it as a lot (it's very liveable) so I've spruced it up a bit and made it ready for upload. This version was based on my backup copy of the lot and has never been played. It was built in an otherwise empty neighbourhood and has been run through and resaved in Clean Installer. Then I ran Chris Hatch's lot cleaner over it.

There are two versions of the lot, one fully furnished and one unfurnished which is closest to the house plan and original design

.rar   max_CherryTreeRoad_Furnished.rar (Size: 594.57 KB / Downloads: 20)

.rar   max_CherryTreeRoad_Unfurnished.rar (Size: 481.62 KB / Downloads: 16)

Original House Plans

There are three bedrooms upstairs; in the furnished version there is a main bedroom, a bedroom intended for a moody teenager and a nursery plus a bathroom. Downstairs has a large lounge and dining kitchen. There is a garage on the side. You can redecorate to suit yourself of course. The garage was attached with the constrain floor elevation cheat and so there is a distorted wall penal back and front. I have decorated with siding here, as it fits with the original architect's drawing, but if you don't like that (doesn't bother me, I have to say) then you might like to change it.

In the furnished version of the lot, I have added extensive gardens. I was originally intending to thin these out (I seem to go into a whole different dream world when I'm building gardens) but Rosebine at MTS persuaded me to leave it as is. If you want to keep it, you will almost certainly need a mod like Perfect Plants to keep the garden looking like that. There are plants layered on top of one another all over the place and I don't think any sim could keep up with it all even with a daily gardener.  <ahem - can't resist sim gardening>


Custom Content - none, however:
There is no custom content included with the lot though you may want to use an invisible driveway recolour because the underside of the driveway is paved to match the rest of the paving. I use the one by roddyaleixo though there are several out there. I ran the magic wand over the lots, so the prices are reasonable.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): $65,268
Lot Price (unfurnished): $28,834

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Byrne House - 4BDr-1/2 Baths - Furnished & Unfurnished - some CC Used
Posted by: maxon - 13-01-20, 08:49 PM - Forum: Lots: Residential - No Replies

This was originally posted at MTS.

In 2008 David Byrne & Brian Eno released an album called Everything That Happens Will Happen Today which had, on the cover, a very simmish house:


This image is from that album and can be seen in David Byrne's online shop: here.

That had to be built. So, this is my interpretation of that house.


There are two versions of the lot: one unfurnished and the other furnished. The unfurnished is closest to the original illustration, while the furnished lot has lots of stuff added both inside and out. The interior layout, of course, can only be implied from the illustration so I have made a set of rooms that works in the space. The layout of each version is slightly different to each other.

.rar   max_ByrneHouseFurnished.rar (Size: 1.17 MB / Downloads: 22)

.rar   max_ByrneHouseUnfurnished.rar (Size: 1.46 MB / Downloads: 15)

More information and pictures below

Build CC and the Unfurnished Lot
I aimed to make the house as CC free as possible but it was impossible to get that bay window without some help so I used FifthAce's bay window set. The set is not included so you will need to go and get those meshes (link below). I have included white (or white-ish) recolours of those windows so as to get white-painted windows to match the source and I used the Redbrick Maxis wall on the bottom of the windows to match the walling used on the exterior. I also used, but also haven't included, an invisible driveway recolour because the ground underneath the driveway has been paved to match the paths to the front door. I use roddyaleixo's invisible driveway cover though there are several versions out there and you might already have one of your own. Finally, I originally put a grill on the gable end wall (see source picture) but removed it for the download version. If you want it to be closer to the original, you might want to put that back.

There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms in the unfurnished version. The floors are pale wooden floors or white tiles with the Paste wallpaper throughout. There is one custom wall included: an adaption of the in-game Redbrick wall with stone plinth. I have rearranged the plinth here to work for a foundation which means the actual stone plinth bit is about three-quarters of the way up the wall. Looks terrible used as a regular wall but works on the foundation.

The Garage
The garage was attached to the house built on a foundation using the ConstrainFloorElevation cheat. As a result, there are two wall blocks which are distorted near the front door and near the back door. I have 'papered' the walls with the Redbrick walls and, of course, the pattern distorts at these two points. I decided to go with that because the brick pattern fitted the source and to change it would change the character of the house too much for my tastes. However, you may not like this so may want to change the walling at that point. A nice plain plaster would work well round the garage.

Furnished Version
The furnished version is fully furnished throughout. I removed one of the bathrooms downstairs to make room for a range kitchen at that point. There is a dining area and a large lounge. Upstairs there are four bedrooms and a bathroom. Currently, there is a master bedroom, a children's bedroom and then a nursery and one bedroom used as a study. While I was decorating, I felt overwhelmed at one point by the grey-ness of Maxis textures and couldn't go on using Maxis wallpapers. So I have included three wallpapers and one carpet (details below) of my own to relieve the horror. These are entirely optional.

Finally, I started on decorating the garden and got carried away so the furnished version of the lot has the beginnings of one of my trademark cottage style gardens at least at the back. You may want to do some weeding because the way I build these uses a lot of plants in odd places and sims can't easily garden them. I thought I'd leave it there for you to enjoy - at first. Either that or use a hack like Perfect Plants to keep the garden looking as it should. That, of course, makes the furnished lot price rather high.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 110,428
Lot Price (unfurnished):40,292

Custom Content Not-Included:
- Excell Exteriors - Bay Window System by FifthAce2007 - here
- roddyaleixo invisible driveway recolour - here

Custom Content Included by me - included in the Sims2Pack files:
White recolours of FifthAce's bay windows:
- baywindow_main_white recolour
- baywindow_double_white recolour
- baywindow_single_white recolour

- Redbrick Foundation is a wall created to work on foundations. This is a rearrangement of Maxis textures to produce a wall texture that gives foundations a stone plinth (not suitable for regular walls)
- Grecal Russet Stripe Wallpaper using a texture from John Lewis (pattern is no longer available)
- Philadelphia Wallpaper also using a texture from John Lewis (pattern is no longer available) Link: John Lewis
- Yellow Polka Carpet - texture by me - and
- Yellow Polka Wallpaper with Wainscot - both from my Pale Pastel Polkadot Patterned Wallpapers

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Stockable - We'll Meat Again
Posted by: maxon - 28-11-19, 10:03 PM - Forum: Food - No Replies

So here is a second batch of stockable foods, this time things from the Deli meat counter and butchers.  I did far less fiddling around this time partly because there are fewer files and partly because there were fewer problems with the stuff I have. 


L-R: back: 

  • ATS Country Ham and sausages (here)
  • Hanging Hunk O' Meat from Retail Sims 
  • Sausage Fest from Retail Sims (plus recolour)
(HChangeri disappeared from the sims community some time ago and, as far as I can tell Retail Sims is disappearing or unstable, anyway, for the moment, Retail Sims items are here)

First Shelf:
  • Tinkle Hot Dog Buns and Hot Dogs (these were at BPS but when that closed she moved to Sim Pearls though these files don't seem to be posted there)
Second Shelf:
  • Butcher Packaging from Retail Sims, as above

With the butchers meats already available, this rounds out the meat counter in your shops quite nicely I think.  Found in Appliances>Miscellaneous

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  Stockable - Cheese with Your Whine
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In my quest to Britishize my game, I’ve given many an idle thought to creating typical high street shops such as a deli or butchers.  The recent releases of stockable food items have interested me and I have downloaded a good few.  I like things like hunks of cheese and ham joints being made useable by sims – they can buy them in sims’ community businesses, take ‘em home and put them in the fridge.  Excellent.  

However, not everything that’s been released has suited me.  My personal preference – and I mean personal, I’m not pointing any fingers of blame or censure here – is for things that are saleable should look like things that would be saleable.  A lot of the recent food items has seen a range of items made stockable, from what I would think of as in-store display items, e.g. large cheese truckles, to individual portions of stuff (slices of cheese) through things like made (inedible, decorative) meals on plates.  In my sims world, I want food items that look like something sims might have legitimately purchased – in other words buyable portions of food items and ingredients, not display arrangements or plates of food.  And then there’s large cakes – I want those as items the sims take home and scoff, with or without their family.  But that’s another issue and I will look into making them edible at a later date.

Because this is how I want things, I found I weeded the available stockable items quite a bit and, though I’m pleased with what I have, there’s not so much of it now.  I also have quite a bit of other food CC that I’ve downloaded over the years that I’d like to be stockable.  So, inevitably, if I want more food and more believable buyable portions, I’ll have to do it myself. 


Hence, here’s a batch of cheeses to start with.  There are (file name first and short description):

  • Cheeseslice – a slice of Jong Belegan (which I believe means aged (moderately) cheese rather than being a specific type)
  • Cheeseslicebetterandbetter – wheel of Dutch cheese with a quarter cut out
  • Gouda – a truckle of Gouda (do they call them truckles in Holland?).  You know, one of them red balls.
  • GoudaHalf – a half truckle or half ball of Gouda
  • MESH_Simal_BreakfastClutter_SlicedCheese – looks like a slice of camembert, made by Simal at T$R (boo) here I’ve never downloaded that set, I must have got the mesh through a downloaded lot I think.
  • TSM-Cheese-Zx_Ta – a conversion from The Sims Medieval (LJ here)
  • Whole Dutch Cheese – a wheel of Dutch cheese complete (the file definitely renamed)
  • Camembert - a small camembert (simlished - the file name definitely changed)
There are recolours for the cheese slice (3), the cheeseslicebetterandbetter (1), the whole Gouda (1), the Simal Camembert (2 recolours from me – Cambozola and Port Salut – see below) and a recolour for the TSM cheese (also from me – a Double Gloucester)

Double Gloucester - hur!

I’m not sure who made the Dutch cheeses or the Camembert. 
I’ve set all the cheeses to appear in Kitchen Appliances>Miscellaneous as many people seem to like food stuff there in the catalogue (my personal preference is to make the items invisible to the catalogue and contained in a collection but I’ve altered the settings back for this upload).

Pricing – I’ve repriced everything and have developed a rough scheme based on the size of the items.  The food value each gives is related to size and value.  My guide is as follows
  • Large things (the large display things – none of which I include here, plus the big bits of cheese) around $50 or more
  • Medium things (medium sized stuff like small truckles, i.e. more than a single portion but not the whole cheese) $40-50
  • Small things (individual portions, like a slice of cheese) up to $35 or so
As always, there are caveats to my downloads and in this case quite big ones.  If you’re going to download these, please read what I’ve said about what I’ve done with the files.  I’m an inveterate file-fiddler and I’ve made quite a few changes, some of which you might not like.  I’ve made the files to suit myself.  Having said that, I’ve also done what I think of as ‘corrections’ here and there. 
First of all, I edit nearly all the files I use according to my own general principles, changing prices to be realistic (no more cheese priced at $4000 a piece thank you), setting price degradation (especially with food items - ending at 1 or 0 – my idea being that sims eat the stuff and after a while there’s nothing left), changing wants categories (I do not want a want for ‘buy a sculpture’ to be fulfilled by a piece of cheese) and so on.  I’ve set all these files to have no want category, prices are according to the above scheme.  I also routinely rename files.  Often not by much – removing spaces and odd symbols mostly – though I will rename a file more descriptively if the name is just ‘cheese’.  But if you already have some of these items, you may want to look for the original files manually since the new versions of the files may not overwrite.  I have not changed the GUIDs.
More specifically, I’ve altered some particular things with these files:
With the soft cheese (Simal), I edited the mesh because it was sitting partially below any shelf or table it was placed on – it looked like it had sunk into the surface.  It now sits properly on any surface it’s placed on.  However, I also remapped this item because in the original, the rind portion of the mesh was mapped inside the cheese portion which meant the rind used the same texture as the cheese.  With the original item, this looked ok but I wanted to make cambozola and that didn’t work at all.  As it’s been remapped, it now draws its rind texture from an unused part of the texture.  I fixed the original texture (and also include two new recolours – a cambozola and a Port Salut).  However, if you have any recolours of the original mesh, they will no longer work (though you could always send them my way and I’ll try and fix them or let you have a copy of the mesh map).
L-R, top row: Simal Camembert cheese slice thing including my Cambozola and Port Salut recolours; CheeseSliceBetterandBetter showing the rotation; the half Gouda; Bottom: Cheese slice with its recolours; the whole Dutch cheese; the Gouda ball/truckle whatever.

With the half Gouda and the cut wheel (cheeseslicebetterandbetter), I have rotated the original meshes because I wanted the feature (cut) side facing outwards when you placed it on a shelf.  I also rotated the Camembert so the name faced forward instead of backward.  I found out a couple of important things. 
First of all, the half Gouda would become partially transparent when placed in a see-through shelf like the Decra-chill.  This was a problem with the original version because the alpha for the texture for the cheese bit was set to blend in the TXMT but you couldn’t see it so easily when it was turned round (unless you rotated it).  Much though I was tempted to add a textured alpha channel to give the cheese surface some variation, I decided against it.  I set it to none instead which dealt with the transparency issue – if I really want to have some detail there, it could just as effectively be added to the actual texture.  I had to tell myself, it’s just a small object, a piece of cheese!  Stoppit!  I’ve no idea how I got to be soooo fussy.  (note from later: Sigh – so it bugged me so much, I remapped it, just the cheese bit so there’s a bit more detail on the cheese face.  This will not break any existing recolours).
With the cut wheel (cheeseslicebetterandbetter), there’s something weird going on with the mesh there.  It’s very oddly constructed and I struggled to do the rotation.  However, I did manage it and also tidied it up slightly.  I also remapped this but not in a way that would break any original recolours so this should be ok.  It was definitely odd that.   Awkward.
I altered the shelf stacking size of all the objects.  All the small stuff should pack six to a shelf, while the medium sized cheeses will place two to a shelf and that large piece of TSM cheese should sit resplendent by itself.  I also shrank the medieval cheese slightly because it had a tendency to overlap the edge of a square when placed -not a good look in the Decra-Chill.. 
I actually did quite a lot of work on these didn’t I?  They’re just bits of cheese, for heaven’s sake.  But once I start looking at stuff, I get all picky and just have to fiddle about till I’m happy (or happier) with it. 
More to come…

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