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  Mozart Silver Damask Papers
Posted by: maxon - 11 hours ago - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

This is my entry for SimPearls' Wallpaper Makes the Room for April 2021.  The theme was Damask and for the contest I made two walls - the base Mozart Silver Damask* wallpaper and a nice pale pink plaster wall to go with it (the actual pink is rather paler than it seems in the main picture because the lighting I used brings it out).  Pictures only for now while the contest runs.


But the set itself consists of 8 walls because I played around with the textures till I got the ones I wanted.  Some of the other combinations are also pleasing but you can only enter two into the contest.  There are two versions of the damask wall: one plain, one with a dado rail; there are two of the pink plaster as well - one with a dado rail the other plain; there are two grey plaster walls in the same format because I originally thought about being achingly tasteful and grey-on-grey is so refined (as you may know, that does not usually appeal to me) and finally there are two walls with a mix of the paper and the pink plaster with a dado rail separating the areas of the wall covering.

*the name comes from the site I downloaded the image

Swatch: to come

Swatch for Contest:


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  Chinese Jade Wall Panels
Posted by: maxon - 26-03-21, 02:30 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

Back in 2015, I made some wall panels for NanaWildflowers over at MTS.  The textures, as I remember it, were taken from a swatch originally posted by daislia whose downloads and, now, site has long since vanished.  So these aren't the original files or textures.  As far as I know though, this is the only version of this CC now available.  I originally put them on Mediafire but I have lost access to my account there and they might eventually disappear so I thought I'd give them a permanent home here.

Not a great picture but you can see what they're like.


.zip   max_DaisliaJadeWallPanels.zip (Size: 282.93 KB / Downloads: 6)

I'd normally put stuff like this in CC Fixins' but in this case I put them here because there are some other Eastern fresco panel walls to come and they make a collection.  Will post these later but in this thread I think.

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  Polgannon Hall of Fame
Posted by: maxon - 24-03-21, 07:41 PM - Forum: Polgannon - No Replies

This is the list of successful solvers of Polgannon's mystery.  Congrats to them:

  • Jojoa777
  • koololdster
  • bloodstained_black_lace
  • Amairani
  • vllygrl
  • Lord St.Croix
  • lorinsv60 & Little Nemo
  • vaayvaay
  • Sims2 4ever
  • Medollga
  • notreallifeliving
That's not too long a list really.  Maybe I made it too hard.

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  Sunflower Sunroom
Posted by: maxon - 15-03-21, 10:42 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

This is my entry for the SimPearls March 2021 Wallpaper Makes the Room contest.  The theme was 'Sunroom'.  


I updated the textures a little so they don't look exactly the same as the pictures: I added some shadows to give a little more depth.

.rar   max_SunflowerSunroom.rar (Size: 388.26 KB / Downloads: 1)



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  Maxon Returns - kinda
Posted by: maxon - 08-02-21, 12:29 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (2)

Well, I’m back … sort of.  My machine is now working well though it’s been upgraded to Win 10 (eff eff eff) and I’ve moved house and country.  There’s still lots of stuff in boxes and I’m typing this on a sideboard because my new desk has not arrived and won’t for several weeks because of COVID19.  We’re ordering new furniture and other household stuff right, left and centre because despite having had a house full of it in the UK, we don’t seem to have enough for the new place.  Still, at least we moved before Brexit - our furniture might still be in a warehouse somewhere waiting for us to pay import tax on it if we’d left it to Pickfords (not a recommend there).

TS2 is NOT installed on this new version of the machine (I have a nice new, EXPENSIVE video card too - NVidia this time.  That did turn up via DHL).  I’m trying to decide what to do.  I:

  • Still have all the disks and am wondering whether I should do yet another traditional install?  OR
  • Should I finally use the Ultimate Collection version I have squirrelled away on Origin?
Not sure what to do and am wondering which would work best with a Win10 machine (NVidia video card) - any suggestions welcome.

This ordering online stuff gets addictive.  I ordered a nice pink waste basket yesterday.

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  Cactus Gardening Room
Posted by: maxon - 15-09-20, 08:36 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

This is my entry for the SimPearls September 2020 Wallpaper Makes the Room contest.  The theme was 'Cactus'.  

There are two walls - one a paper from floor to ceiling with a skirting board, the other the same but with a nice green wooden wainscot added.  The walls are slightly different than in the picture as I fiddled around with the lighting of the wainscot so it's more to my satisfaction!

.zip   max_CactusGardeningRoom.zip (Size: 110.68 KB / Downloads: 2)


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  Polgannon Posts and Plays
Posted by: maxon - 13-09-20, 07:48 PM - Forum: Polgannon - No Replies

This is a list of links to others who have posted about Polgannon.

Polgannon Makeovers by Kiri (Celebkiriedhel)
Ruan and Margaret
Jory and Cedric
Arthur, Jowan and Richard
Gwen and Cordelia
Rozen and Seth - I particularly like Seth's side-whiskers here
Eva, Davyth and Karenza
Breoc, Nessa and Tegan and Kelyn.  Breoc looks suitable tired (exhausted) here
Len Griselda and Theodore
Senara and Marrek

An Early 20thC Makeover by Amythestfenix

Millennial Mary Let's Plays
Introduction with Jory, Cordelia, Gwen, Karenza, Richard and the Kestles
Back Story 1 with the cops (Ruan and Breoc (and his family, Nessa, Tegan and Kelyn)), Margaret, Rozen and a bit more on Jory’s story

Notreallifeliving's Tumblr Investigation (successful!) - there's a lot of this so I'll be updating gradually 

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  Fishmonger lot
Posted by: celebkiriedhel - 18-08-20, 12:17 PM - Forum: Shop Building - Replies (3)

Fish CC

BeOSBoxBoy's Innsmouth Set - has boxes with fish, crabs, lobster.

[Image: w-927h-650-49766.jpg]

Birgit43 Complete Fish-shop

[Image: 155290.jpg]

Limonaire Fish (4t2)

[Image: tumblr_pajdiwDt7j1x8evj8o4_1280.png]

SimWardrobe has fishing stuffs for business - although his site is gone, it is downloadable at the sims graveyard.

PlumbobKeep has a lot of stuff for fish

[Image: NZhCbXa.png]

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  Modern Nursery Starlight Walls
Posted by: maxon - 15-08-20, 03:54 PM - Forum: Walls, Floors and Terrain Paints - No Replies

This is my entry for the SimPearls Wallpaper Makes the Room contest for August 2020 - the brief was to design a modern nursery.
When I did my research for this (aka looking at pictures on Google), I found a lot of achingly tasteful designs in severely bleached out colours and lots of gray (GRAY! In a BABY's room!).  The modern advice seems to be to create a calming room for a baby. But with all the leached out colours and dead grays, I felt many modern little darlings must be badly sensory-deprived. You know: numb rather than calm, even if they have burgeoning highly-refined tastes.  

So, as I don't want to underburden our little sim children and I absolutely have no taste, I made these instead. Not sure they quite come under the area of modern either.

.rar   max_StarlightNursery.rar (Size: 283.76 KB / Downloads: 101)  

I only made the yellow walls for the contest but I also include an alternative in green because that was what I was going to do first - then I changed my mind.  There's also a cream carpet in the rar file - based on one of the EAxis carpets though I've forgotten which one.  I was going for a modern (natch) calm atmosphere but with something a child might actually want to look at.  Besides, those watercolour stars are lovely.


Yellow Swatch needed for entry:

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Posted by: celebkiriedhel - 08-08-20, 03:45 AM - Forum: Shop Building - No Replies

Texturing, Recolouring - good
I like to do Stained Glass windows as well - using MLC's window film.

Meshing, mapping - very slow, but ok.

Modifying BHAVS - 
adding functionality to existing objects - ok
Doing stuff from scratch - less so, but willing to go for it.

Slots - good
Repository - good
adding footprints - ok

pretty much anything that is needed - if I can find a tutorial, I can do it.

Things I can't do -

Shadows - I've never been able to get them to work, so I tend to just remove them on new objects.
animations, and adding sounds.

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