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I discovered this amazing Japanese site, Monmon Cats about a year ago with lovely original images of cats (and some dogs) done in a modern, yet 'traditional', Japanese style.  I think the images are very attractive and I truly recommend visiting the site for a pleasurable interlude of browsing (not to mention shopping!).  

Having said that, I have since selected a few of my favourites and made them into pictures for my game and I thought I'd share.  I particularly liked these French bulldogs but needed a portrait mesh for them.  I wanted something like the Flatiron building poster without a frame but that's a landscape.  So I took that mesh and made a portrait version.
So this is a new mesh based on the Flatiron Building Premiar Painting from the IKEA stuff pack - BUT I made this Base Game compatible instead so if you don't have IKEA it should still work.  The pink bulldog picture is the original mesh and there's a green bulldog picture as a recolour.  (also, I made some cat recolours too - those to follow shortly).

The new mesh can be found in
Decorative: Walls for $289 (same as the original so you should find this new mesh next door to the Flatiron painting in the catalogue)
Poly count: 142

Edit to note: I realised, btw, that when I took the pictures of these, I was using the version of the mesh I made before I centralised the placement of it. The version of the mesh in the file here is the properly centred version. I didn't want to retake the pictures! As a consequence, the appearance in the illustrations in this thread is a little deceiving - the mesh does place symmetrically over the two wall panels.

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Those images are amazing - great find. I love the new mesh too.

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