Decorative, Curtains: Cafe Curtain Recolours
This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr. 

I’ve been looking at fabric patterns, patchwork and embroidery from Kaffe Fassett with a view to making some bedding and other household fabrics.  I just tried out a couple of patterns on the Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtain and they turned out, I thought, rather nice so I uploaded them.  I doubled the texture size to get a better definition on the pattern - so the file sizes are larger than other recolours for this mesh.
Nothing major but I like them anyway.  Thought they might do nicely for bathrooms though I guess kitchens and cafes might work too.

Also, as a bonus for this upload, I also include here (so this is not on tumblr) a couple of recolours for the same curtains using textures from the ever reliable Fat Strawberry.  
These are older recolours but they're bright and cheerful.

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