Basta Cafe Walls plus Nordic Cladding for Badstrand Cafe
I made these walls for the Garden of Shadows Christmas in July event 2021.  I made a cafe lot for Infinite Iterations (details here) and there were two lots of walls to go with it.  

.rar   max_BastaCafeWalls.rar (Size: 373.05 KB / Downloads: 106)

.rar   max_NordicExteriorCladding.rar (Size: 166.6 KB / Downloads: 102)

Basta Café Walls
The first group is called Basta Café walls.  These are a remake of some walls I made a (very) long time ago and I'm much happier with these neater, better textured versions.  They are for an interior of a cafe and feature nice coffee brown walls with a coffee cup logo and birch trimmings.  There is also a cream version of the plaster wall because, as I found with my 'research' for the event, many Nordic interiors have white or cream plaster walls with only accent walls in colour.  They cost $7 and can be found in Paint and in Panelling.



Nordic Exterior Cladding
The second group is a pair of exterior walls for the café - one dark and one in paler birchwood.  These can be found under Siding also for $7.  The paler birchwood cladding (used on the interior of the balcony of the cafe) was not included in the original upload to GoS.



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