Mozart Silver Damask Papers
This is my entry for SimPearls' Wallpaper Makes the Room for April 2021.  The theme was Damask and for the contest I made two walls - the base Mozart Silver Damask* wallpaper and a nice pale pink plaster wall to go with it (the actual pink is rather paler than it seems in the main picture because the lighting I used brings it out).  


.zip (Size: 348 KB / Downloads: 139)

But the set itself consists of 8 walls because I played around with the textures till I got the ones I wanted.  Some of the other combinations are also pleasing but you can only enter two into the contest.  There are two versions of the damask wall: one plain, one with a dado rail; there are two of the pink plaster as well - one with a dado rail the other plain; there are two grey plaster walls in the same format because I originally thought about being achingly tasteful and grey-on-grey is so refined (as you may know, that does not usually appeal to me) and finally there are two walls with a mix of the paper and the pink plaster with a dado rail separating the areas of the wall covering.

*the name comes from the site I downloaded the image


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