Decorative, Wall Art: NASA - JPL Travel Posters
This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr. 

Back in 2016, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory posted a series of poster designs meant to reflect and celebrate their current research interests.  As I have a bit of a thing for vintage travel posters, I immediately made these into posters for the game.  I loooooove the images, especially as I’m also a bit of a space programme fangirl.  
However, someone over at MTS beat me to it and I never uploaded them anywhere so I thought I’d belatedly upload them here.  I confess <whisper it> I’ve always preferred my own recolours of these (I think I framed them better).  <ahem> There are fourteen as follows:

Solar Planets
Moons and Dwarf Planets
And Extra-Solar Planets

They’re on the  Pineapple poster and you will need the CEP and Nightlife.

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I think that was me on MTS, and yes - I think you have framed them better. Smile

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