Neighbourhood Cows
This post and upload was originally released on my tumblr.  
Becks made a cow for neighbourhood decor - a long time ago now too since it was posted in 2010 - which was a great idea and I liked it.  BUT it was scaled much larger than Sunni’s excellent neighbourhood horses which I love with all my heart.  Here's a comparison picture, the original cow is on the left.  I was going to shrink the mesh but - busy - and then Shastakiss told me she’d already done it (hurrah!) so I thought I’d do some recolours.  Well, there starts a story.  I thought a simple colour replacement to start and then realised the original texture is … not so good.  And then the shadow is bad (as you can see) and the cows have the neighbourhood decor floating issue (common enough).
So I did some full on recolours using real cow hide!  Plus I removed the shadow and moved the mesh down a little to get their little hooves onto solid earth.  I got carried away and made some:


and Jerseys
plus the random black bull there.  As you can see I also fiddled with the mesh a bit to get a bull (moved down the stomach a bit, thickened the neck, reduced the udders - look I wasn’t willing to model bull balls so that’s the compromise) and some calves.  The calf mesh was thinned and shrunk, obviously, but also I changed the stomach a little, removed the udders and made the head slightly bigger in relation to the torso.  Also, I shrank the body front-to-back a little in an attempt to get more of a calf shape and lengthened the legs.  The bigger one is called ‘teen’ in the file name.  

There’s also one more version of the Ayrshire in the rar file because when I totted it up originally there were thirteen files - and we can’t have that.  So 14 files altogether. They’re not perfect - the mapping is a little rough in places but I wasn’t up for remapping as well as retexturing and I’m not the world’s best mesher but I hope you like them.  I’m quite pleased with the textures and - bizarrely - I love that black bull.

I put them under Flora in the neighbourhood decor catalogues and they can be placed on lots.

Finally, what they look like from the neighbourhood view:
Thanks also to GreatCheescakePersona and Criquette for some lovely background stuff to set them off.

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The cows all have names. LOL

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