Modern Tiles GO - Additional Floor and Wall Tiles
When I built my Goldenrosen Landhaus for the Wanderlust content at MTS, I made some recolours of EAxis's Modern Tile GO! walls which were used in the bathrooms. These were made so I could colour-match the bedrooms and bathrooms. 

They come in yellow, purple and brown and I also made an orange which was not used on the lot but I wanted that colour for the set.  They are in Tiles and cost $1 just like the originals.

I also made a quick set of matching floor tiles for the walls following the model of those done by Rosebine. These were not used on the lot but I've uploaded them because I thought people might like them since Rosebine did such a good job extending the set and making those walls useful and more usable. They are also in yellow, purple, brown and orange to match the walls. There are two tile sizes - personally, I prefer the smaller tiles but you might like the larger ones.  They are in Tiles and cost $5 just like Rosie's.

There are also some recolours of the Sveje Ikea rugs here in matching colours.

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