Floral Selection Wallpapers
So as my inaugural upload to this site - new content not available elsewhere, here are some wallpapers I was working on before Christmas based on some really attractive and bright and cheerful floral patterns (for sources, see below).  
The papers are seamless when on the walls and have my commonest crown and skirting board (yeah, I have a collection!).  The crown is placed on the texture to fit under a ceiling properly.  Without a ceiling, you'll see a blank section of wall at the top. They are all found under Wallpapers and cost either $7 or $8.

Here's the swatch for the complete set:
And a picture showing all the papers over a few wall tiles - you can see they are seamless patterns.
I love working with colours and patterns and must have 100s of wallpapers and floors I made for the game.

Credits: Red Bouquet is from The Fat Strawberry; the Bellfield and Sanderson papers are from those wallpaper/fabric manufacturers; the Poppy patterns are from African Fabric Co.

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Thank you! Smile I am addicted to anything floral these days Smile

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