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These recolours were originally posted at MTS.

John Lewis (linky), if you're not English and don't know, is described by Wikipedia as an 'upmarket British department store.' I suppose it is though I never think of it like that but it sure has some nice stuff for the home. My husband and I bought a new rug for our entrance hall from there and we think it's gorgeous. I was browsing the JL site a while after and realised that they had good quality images of their rug collection on site. Just like at home, I wanted to put my lovely rug into my sim houses too and so made a recolour using the image from the site. Hey - that turned out well! So I made some more and well ... here they are.


These are recolours for the Organically Atomic Rug that came with Pets (so you'll need that expansion to see the recolours). The names for each of the rugs are taken from the Lewis's site and the files are labelled with the name (see swatch).  All 10 recolours are bundled together. We bought the Veluti stripes, by the way. Hope you like them.

Top to bottom-Left to Right: Spotty; Fresh Bright Stripe; Pulchinella; Dandelion Clocks; Estella Carre; Bold Multistripe; Parallels Red; Veluti Stripe; Kabi Goby; Abstract Art.

2 June 2018 - I thought I'd add this link to the post - DeeDee on tumblr resized the rug and these recolours will work with the new sizes since the new meshes are slaves to the original:  Thought people might like the extra options.

CC Credits
Most stuff in the pictures is Maxis. Wall paints are some of mine; white curtains are by Cassandre at Black Pearl Sims and the mesh can be downloaded here along with some nice recolours: here; that fabulous painting is a recolour of Bella Squared by devagirl2 here.

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