Arcady Ice Cream Parlour Pt. 2 Wallpapers & Flooring
These were originally posted at MTS

This wallpaper and floor set is to add to my Arcady Ice Cream Parlour set of ice creams in order to be able to build an ice cream parlour in a distinctive set of matching colours and designs. The colours and design are based on the design of four of the ice cream buckets from that set.   The other parts of this set can be found here:
The colours are:
  • Black Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Mint Chocolate

The eight walls come in two varieties, four of each: one is a stripe with a plain skirting or kickboard and a scalloped crown; the other is the same but with added wainscotting. The sets are designed to be seamless when used together. They are catalogued as wallpapers and cost $6.


The floors also come in two varieties: the first is a set of five plain tiles; the second a set of four linos based on a pattern I found on the internet. The floor tiles are classed as tiles and cost $7 while the linos are catalogued as linos (d'uh) and cost $5.


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