Four John Lewis Wall Treatments Pt.2
These were originally posted at MTS.

Here are four more wallpaper pattern sets for walls. I got the pattern textures from the home retailer John Lewis , a long-time favourite of mine (see also my Lewis's rugs). I set them with crowns and skirting. The crowns are meant and placed to work with the in-game ceilings - and there is a blank strip at the top of the texture which is normally hidden by the ceiling.  I think they came out nicely. The sets are as follows:

Bellflower - a graceful colourful paper with a lovely flower motif
Bardez Stripes - a modern lively striped wallpaper
Cones - a refined delicate paper in subdued tones
Petal - a retro pattern paper with strng contrasting colours
In the pictures section you can see the swatches for each set (plus a three-tile picture of the walls so you can see the tiling). I used the same names for each wall as they were in the original source (so you can locate any of the patterns yourself should you want to make variants or even go and browse the shop site). The swatches show the names and the files are named the same so you should be able to delete any files you don't want. If you are concerned about doing this, remember that deleting walls in game is easy to do and doesn't cause any problems.

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.rar   max_Wallpaper_Petal.rar (Size: 162.29 KB / Downloads: 24)
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