Decorative, Rugs: Nengi65 Recolours - Pastels
Herewith, three pastel recolours of Nengi65's rug collection because you can never have too many recolours of this mesh and besides, these textures were begging - begging - to be made into three stylish rugs for the game.  
There are three recolours, R-L in the picture: Ombre; Amelia Pink; Amelia Blue
Nengi65 has long since disappeared from the Sims 2 community and, unfortunately, the original upload of the meshes has disappeared too.  So, I offer my own version of the meshes here though these are NOT EXACTLY the same as the original meshes as I edited them to suit my own tastes.

The original rug meshes were made before the EP which brought us a rugs section in the catalogue (hence they are in Miscellaneous). I have therefore categorized the rugs into the rugs section of the catalogue (i.e. they can be found under Decorative>Rugs). I have also edited some of the parameters of these files to suit my personal preferences: I've changed the wants satisfy score to Rug (rather than Sculpture) and I've also increased the price to match better Maxis rugs of more or less equivalent size. The prices for this version of the meshes are: 3x4 master $350; 2x3 $220; and the 2x1 runner $110.

You might also be interested in these larger versions of the mesh by Huge Lunatic: here - these recolours will work with these larger sizes too since HL slaved the textures to the original master mesh.

There are also, somewhere on MTS, copies of the original mesh files though I can't remember just now where they are.  If you already have them, these recolours should work with those or you can go over there and search for them yourself.  You can't have my version of the meshes and the originals in your game since I didn't change the GUIDs.  In the case of the original meshes, the rugs can be found in the catalogue under Decorative>Miscellaneous and cost: 3x4 master $50; 2x3 $30; and the 2x1 runner $50.  Personally, I prefer my settings but ... yanno, YMMV.

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