Undersea Bathroom
This is my entry for SimPearls' Wallpaper Makes The Room September 2021 - called Undersea Bathroom.  


.rar   max_UnderseaBathTiles.rar (Size: 272.88 KB / Downloads: 9)

The walls are based on the tile pattern in the first instance - I downloaded the original graphic file but fiddled with the image quite a bit.  Then I did an inset painted pattern as the top half.  As on other occasions, I created more walls than I was allowed to enter for the contest because I like to fiddle about and try things out.  I include those here.  The first two were entered into the contest and are called: Full (i.e. the full tiled wall) and Turquoise; the other two are labelled Beach Shells and Turtles.  They can be found in Tiling and cost $8.  This is the full swatch:

Swatch for Contest:
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