Decorative, Rugs: Scandinavian Rugs for Badstrand Café
This is my third post for the Garden of Shadows Christmas in July event 2021 of CC I made.  I made a cafe lot for Infinite Iterations (details here) and I went a little mad and made 12 recolours of the Nengi65 rug mesh (look, there were so many nice terxtures!  I could have made more!).  I like this particular mesh because you can recolour a complete rug pattern (many EAxis meshes are doubled up in the mapping meaning they have to use symmetrical patterns).  There is a copy of the meshes if you need them here - these are my own edits of the meshes and are not quite the same as the original files as adapted I them for my own use.  There is an explanation of what I did with these meshes on that thread.

The download is split into two to reduce the filesizes for download, 6 recolours per rar.

.rar   max_ScandiRugs1.rar (Size: 1.74 MB / Downloads: 200)

.rar   max_ScandiRugs2.rar (Size: 1.51 MB / Downloads: 174)

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