Badstrand Cafe
This is the thread to describe the café lot (Badstrand Café) I made for Infinite Iterations for the Garden of Shadows Christmas in July event 2021.  I made a variety of CC for the lot and there are pictures of the lot here, the lot file itself (eventually) and links to the CC I made and used on the lot.  I have distributed the CC around the rest of the site because it all comes under different categories.  I will (eventually) post a file on Sims File Share with everything together in one rar file for convenience.  I'll post the link for that later.

This picture is a quick overview of the CC I made - it includes a table and chair inspired by Alver Aalto (a Norwegian designer); a planter inspired by Scandinavian design; potless plants; rugs; pictures and one of the interior walls

This is the exterior of the lot showing one of the exterior walls and the birch columns and gable piece

An interior show showing most of the CC in place

Basta Walls and Exterior Cladding here
Alver Aalto Chair and Table
Scandinavian Planter and Potless Plants
Scandinavian Rugs for Nengi65 mesh here
Scandinavian art for Thread and Sandpaper's It Will Last Longer Frames here
Birch Columns and Gable End Piece
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These are some of the source images I used in the build of the Badstrand Cafe lot.


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