Maxon Returns - kinda
Well, I’m back … sort of.  My machine is now working well though it’s been upgraded to Win 10 (eff eff eff) and I’ve moved house and country.  There’s still lots of stuff in boxes and I’m typing this on a sideboard because my new desk has not arrived and won’t for several weeks because of COVID19.  We’re ordering new furniture and other household stuff right, left and centre because despite having had a house full of it in the UK, we don’t seem to have enough for the new place.  Still, at least we moved before Brexit - our furniture might still be in a warehouse somewhere waiting for us to pay import tax on it if we’d left it to Pickfords (not a recommend there).

TS2 is NOT installed on this new version of the machine (I have a nice new, EXPENSIVE video card too - NVidia this time.  That did turn up via DHL).  I’m trying to decide what to do.  I:
  • Still have all the disks and am wondering whether I should do yet another traditional install?  OR
  • Should I finally use the Ultimate Collection version I have squirrelled away on Origin?
Not sure what to do and am wondering which would work best with a Win10 machine (NVidia video card) - any suggestions welcome.

This ordering online stuff gets addictive.  I ordered a nice pink waste basket yesterday.
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Must also say thanks to Mercer for keeping an eye on things while I was away.
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Hah - it was no problem.
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