Fishmonger lot
Fish CC

BeOSBoxBoy's Innsmouth Set - has boxes with fish, crabs, lobster.

[Image: w-927h-650-49766.jpg]

Birgit43 Complete Fish-shop

[Image: 155290.jpg]

Limonaire Fish (4t2)

[Image: tumblr_pajdiwDt7j1x8evj8o4_1280.png]

SimWardrobe has fishing stuffs for business - although his site is gone, it is downloadable at the sims graveyard.

PlumbobKeep has a lot of stuff for fish

[Image: NZhCbXa.png]
Hi Kiri - those CC finds certainly have potential!  I'm particularly interested in the fish on ice displays since those are like the fishmonger displays we have here.  I've attached a copy of the build so far (removed) - I hoped to get further with it but things are busier than I anticipated.  I thought you might have a think about layout of the shop - and any comments on the build would be good too.  I have a few ideas which I wanted to develop but haven't got round to yet.

For names I thought either Gills or Salters - what do you think?
Colour schemes I thought either a sea blue-green or maybe yellow (contrasts well with the blue of Fromes)?
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I like Salters. Smile Seablue-green with yellow details, and one of the other shops can be yellow with blue details. I don't think yellow and fish go together - it might be a bit.... um... unappetising??

With the CC, depending - I can frankenmesh other fish to be on ice. I'll have a look at the build on Sunday and see what I can come up with. Smile
Salters - excellent. And sea-blue green. I'll be back!
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