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I would like to get more of the intended contents for Fromes finished - mainly because I got stuck on the bloody weighing scales and didn't finish - or even start - on what I wanted to include.  I hate those scales - but I have an idea to sort out the issue (yet another idea - I tried at least 5 variants as it is).

Anyway, I started on (British) cheeses and here they are as they are atm:  There are two truckles in various states of completion with two variants of each truckle.  
The first is a big traditional truckle which has recolours for Cheddar and Stilton (of course Stilton was one of the first cheeses I made, I love it).  I was thinking of adding a Lancashire recolour as Lancs tends to come in big truckles like that too - a Lancs recolour could double for Caerphilly.  There are two variants for each with one being a child of the parent mesh.  There is a complete truckle (the child) and one with a slice taken out (the parent).  I was thinking of adding a further child mesh of a slice for purchasing.  I tend to prefer to make food thing stockable only when they are the sort of thing that would be generally purchased irl - so I was thinking the slice would be stockable but the truckles not and for display only.

The second is a waxed truckle - as you can see with that, it needs both the texture adding and the shadows sorting out plus I was going to add a slice for this too.  

The final thing I started was the hatched thing there - it's meant to be the start of a potted cheese thing - like this.  It's the sort of thing people buy as presents at Christmas (and if anyone wants to send me a potted Stilton, please feel free to knock yourself out).

There are a couple of other cheeses I'd probably like to make too - big brie wheel and a wheel of Yarg for starters.

Then I was going to add boxes and rounds of crackers and maybe some pickles in jars - there's already a nice mesh for a jam/pickle jar available.  Plus, as CC from elsewhere, wine bottles.

Did you see this BTW?  I made it for your present then forgot to send it to you.
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That sounds like a plan - It would also be cool if we could make the slices as food. Maybe also sell cheese platters as food? (I like functional shops)

There's a lot of boxes and jars already available that would probably only need a recolour to make it perfect.

The cheese cutter is wonderful! Smile I've downloaded it!

I don't know what Yarg is.

Also do the truckles normally sit straight on the counter or on a board/plate/piece of paper?

What would you like me to do to start?
Yarg is a type of English cheese - actually quite a new creation though allegedly a recreation of an old cheese.  It's pretty nice but also has a distinct appearance which makes it visually interesting to add to a cheese collection (a British one anyway).  The taste is quite quiet and subtle but a nice addition to a cheeseboard since it contrasts with the big blowsy taste-explosion cheeses very well.  Yarg

Truckles are normally stored straight on shelves both when being cured and in a shop 

[Image: truckles-cheddar-cheese-in-cheese-store.jpg]

 though in a shop they might be on marble shelves 

[Image: img75244.720x480.jpg]
the point of the heavy rind is to protect the cheese inside and I guess it's not considered necessary to add anything else for hygiene.

I'm not sure - do you have any ideas about what to start with?  We'd need to get the build underway - more in a bit.  Dinner's ready.
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OOo thanks for the pictures they help a lot.

I don't think I've seen a cheese shop like that before - I've mostly always gotten my cheese in a delicatessen like shop with everything in the equivalent of a decrachill, and they sit on plates or boards (to be honest, I think that's mostly to be able to take it out again).

What sort of things would you like in the decrachills that you've put in Fromes? Perhaps I could make/find stuff to put there.

The other thing I could do is make the truckles stackable?

Do we want to increase the variety of truckles? So in more broken down pieces? (more pieces taken out).

I'm happy to help with the texturing - but doing shadows is not my forte.
Oh interesting - we have cheese in delis too but a cheese shop is something else.  Usually stuffed with cheese of many varieties (though nearly always lacking Bleu de Bresse in my experience - and that's a sad experience) - that picture is quite modest in the cheese-stuffing department tbh.  

One of the things about the way EAxis set up shopping that doesn't entirely fit with a cheese shop like that (or a fishmongers come to that) is the serve-yourself (or simself) thing.  In a shop like that, the assistants would cut and weigh your cheese for you (hence me making the weighing machine) and then wrap it up.  

Anyway, we can't do that so I was originally thinking of cheese displays (the truckles) with additional buyable, stockable items (the slices).  Other cuts of truckles would be good.  I'd not thought of stackable but there are clearly stacked truckles in that picture so that would be good and would allow for variety.  Would it involve adding slots (not done this)?  I'll go over the big truckle mesh again (it's pretty simple) and post it tomorrow for you.  Other recolours would be possible but the main cheeses that come in big truckles like that are Cheddar (the base colour), Stilton, Lancashire and, I think, Caerphilly.  I was going to do a Lancashire recolour but wasn't going to do a Caerphilly.  Much though I love both cheeses there's not a lot of difference in appearance between them - a pale crumbly cheese is pretty much a pale crumbly cheese.  Other candidates would be Double Gloucester (nice deep yellow) and Leicestershire (orange!) but D Gloucester is usually a flatter (though big) wheel and Leicester is more likely to be found these days as a waxed truckle (the other mesh - which I'll get on and finish).  Having said that Leicester also comes in a smaller version of the big truckle (as does Cheshire).  You often see cut in half truckles too.

One of the reasons I like the half Decra Chill I included in the lot is that it has a sort of shelf on top and then the refrigerated bit - I thought that might work for displays on top and saleable bits in the fridge.
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I can do slots - although probably what I'd do with the truckles, is just clone it from a stackable object.

The slices being buyable (and being food?) sounds doable.

Also is there a cooking option for cheese platters? Or am I getting confused with sims3?

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