Lansbury House Walls
Here are two sets of exterior walls which I made a while back for a lot build I'm still working on called Lansbury House.  The sets are designed to work together on the same build though, of course, you don't have to use them this way.  Both sets are based on EAxis original textures.
The first set is based on a Life Stories wall called Vertic-all Siding in Winter White (lower floor in picture), while the second is based on the (I think) Base Game Scallop Wall Shingles also in White (upper floor).  

The sets are quite simple really because what I wanted was a sense of a wooden frame for the build (as can be seen in the picture).  I made for each version of the walls a wall with quoins (that is reinforcing for the corner of a building) - these match vertically as well as the walls matching horizontally so that you can make it look like the reinforcing quoin goes up the full height of the wall on a house.  And then I also made a crown for the very top of a house wall.  The wall variants are: base wall with crown; double-sided quoin (for fitting in one-space gaps); double-sided quoin with crown; left quoin; left quoin with crown; right quoin and right quoin with crown.  That is seven variants for each wall.  I have included with the Verticall set the original EAxis file because not everyone will have the Life Stories stuff.  So there are eight files in that set (delete the base wall if you have the LS files).  The Scallop Wall Shingles has seven files - all the variants - but I haven't included the original file because, as it's Base Game, everyone should have it anyway.

.rar   max_LansburyHouseWalls_LSVerticall.rar (Size: 404.03 KB / Downloads: 240)

.rar   max_LansburyHouseWalls_WhiteShingle.rar (Size: 220.51 KB / Downloads: 258)
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