Spring Forward, Fall Back Wallpapers
So I took part in Garden of Shadows' Daisy Chain 2020 event and this is what I said about that (my post is on page 2):

Eh well, when I signed up for this I told Shastakiss I'd been having a pretty troubling time recently what with the pandemic and everything so I wanted to sign up for the event because I wanted to cheer myself up with something creative and also get back in touch with the sims community because I've been away a while - things have been difficult at work too and I'm working at home atm (I hate it).  Of course, Shasta was kind and took the pressure off and I was set - or so I thought.  My prompt was Spring Forward, Fall Back and being a sim gardener (how many of us are there?), I was thinking about flowers and seasons and stuff.  BUT THEN I actually got the virus.  Not a pleasant experience I can tell you - I'M FINE and getting better, so please don't worry on my behalf.  Anyway, I lost two weeks and got behind with work stuff and everything else and, well, I didn't have enough time for seasonal flowers.  So I fell back on my good old reliable standby - making some walls - which I've done a lot, all things considered.  I love messing around with colours and patterns and that cheered me up no end and I enjoyed doing something a little creative.  I can whip walls up pretty quickly these days so I was able to get something done for my deadline and here they are. Hurrah!

.rar   max_AutumnLeavesWallpapers.rar (Size: 703.65 KB / Downloads: 382)

.rar   max_SpringCrocusWallpapers.rar (Size: 557.55 KB / Downloads: 373)

For Spring Forward, I made 10 walls based on a crocus pattern I came across while thinking about flowers originally.  
I decided to make the crocus pattern into a silhouette, added a crown and skirting board (from my, ahem, collection) and then also added a wainscot.  There's an underlying textured colour layer and there  are five colours: pink, green, blue, yellow and purple.  There are two versions of each wall, one with the texture over the full wall with crown and skirting and one with the wainscot added.  I picked the colours from pictures of lovely spring flowers I'd looked at when I did my research for the project. I didn't realise till I did that just how vibrant spring flowers are.  I was originally thinking these would be lovely pastels but the colours are stronger and more cheerful than that.  

For Fall Back, I made 10 more walls but this time based on a silhouette pattern of autumn leaves (sorry, being English I'll call it autumn not fall).  
Again five walls with a crown and skirting and five more with an added wainscot.  I found a picture of a really nice oak wainscot and have used that to construct the skirting board and crown.  I'm quite pleased with that - I really wanted a lovely oak wooden frame for the autumn leaves texture and colours.  The mood here is more dramatic and the colours are rich, taken from pictures of autumn coloured leaves: green, gold, brown, red and blue (I know blue is not a leaf colour even in autumn but I wanted to round the palette out).

The walls are found in wallpaper and cost $7.  Like all my walls, the crown is placed on the wall so as to fit under the ceiling when viewed with ceilings and walls up.  Swatches:
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