Chalet Walls
I created these chalet walls for use with my Goldenrosen Landhaus which I built for the Wanderlust competition at MTS.  They were designed to evoke the sense of being in an Alpen lodge - warm golden brown tones and natural wood surfaces. I also used in the build some older lodge walls of mine.  If you downloaded the Goldenrosen Landhaus and its CC bundle, you will get these walls in that set of packages but I thought I would also upload the walls here as a free-standing set.

Included are:
Chalet walls and floors - there are two wooden interior chalet walls made using a texture from High Resolution Textures. These are found in Paneling and cost $8.
and a lovely wooden chalet floor with a texture from The Foundary, found in Wooden Floors and costing $7.  WARNING - this is a high resolution file and the file size is large.
There are three lodge walls - a wide-logged one called Log Cabin Siding and two narrower-logged walls called Clapboard Siding, one horizontally laid, the other vertical. These textures were made by me (quite a long time ago now too). These are in Siding and cost $8.
There is a simple brown recolour of the in-game Goth Aged Wood floor (see comparison picture) which was used for the ceilings. This is also in wooden floors and costs $8 (that was a mistake - it should be $6).

There are two rars here - one contains all the walls and floors EXCEPT the Chalet Wooden Floor - this was separated out because it's a huge file size because I didn't shrink the high resolution texture (it looks great).  I might remake that, as a matter of fact, reducing the resolution.

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