Cherry Tree Road - 3BDr-1Bath No CC
This was originally uploaded to MTS.

This lot was first built when I was going through a house plans building phase and I think that I got the original plans here at Dream Home. However, it was a long time ago and I'm certain this particular plan is no longer available on the site.


I've always liked it as a lot (it's very liveable) so I've spruced it up a bit and made it ready for upload. This version was based on my backup copy of the lot and has never been played. It was built in an otherwise empty neighbourhood and has been run through and resaved in Clean Installer. Then I ran Chris Hatch's lot cleaner over it.

There are two versions of the lot, one fully furnished and one unfurnished which is closest to the house plan and original design

.rar   max_CherryTreeRoad_Furnished.rar (Size: 594.57 KB / Downloads: 346)

.rar   max_CherryTreeRoad_Unfurnished.rar (Size: 481.62 KB / Downloads: 307)

Original House Plans

There are three bedrooms upstairs; in the furnished version there is a main bedroom, a bedroom intended for a moody teenager and a nursery plus a bathroom. Downstairs has a large lounge and dining kitchen. There is a garage on the side. You can redecorate to suit yourself of course. The garage was attached with the constrain floor elevation cheat and so there is a distorted wall penal back and front. I have decorated with siding here, as it fits with the original architect's drawing, but if you don't like that (doesn't bother me, I have to say) then you might like to change it.

In the furnished version of the lot, I have added extensive gardens. I was originally intending to thin these out (I seem to go into a whole different dream world when I'm building gardens) but Rosebine at MTS persuaded me to leave it as is. If you want to keep it, you will almost certainly need a mod like Perfect Plants to keep the garden looking like that. There are plants layered on top of one another all over the place and I don't think any sim could keep up with it all even with a daily gardener.  <ahem - can't resist sim gardening>


Custom Content - none, however:
There is no custom content included with the lot though you may want to use an invisible driveway recolour because the underside of the driveway is paved to match the rest of the paving. I use the one by roddyaleixo though there are several out there. I ran the magic wand over the lots, so the prices are reasonable.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): $65,268
Lot Price (unfurnished): $28,834

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