Byrne House - 4BDr-1/2 Baths - Furnished & Unfurnished - some CC Used
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In 2008 David Byrne & Brian Eno released an album called Everything That Happens Will Happen Today which had, on the cover, a very simmish house:


This image is from that album and can be seen in David Byrne's online shop: here.

That had to be built. So, this is my interpretation of that house.


There are two versions of the lot: one unfurnished and the other furnished. The unfurnished is closest to the original illustration, while the furnished lot has lots of stuff added both inside and out. The interior layout, of course, can only be implied from the illustration so I have made a set of rooms that works in the space. The layout of each version is slightly different to each other.

.rar   max_ByrneHouseFurnished.rar (Size: 1.17 MB / Downloads: 339)

.rar   max_ByrneHouseUnfurnished.rar (Size: 1.46 MB / Downloads: 364)

More information and pictures below

Build CC and the Unfurnished Lot
I aimed to make the house as CC free as possible but it was impossible to get that bay window without some help so I used FifthAce's bay window set. The set is not included so you will need to go and get those meshes (link below). I have included white (or white-ish) recolours of those windows so as to get white-painted windows to match the source and I used the Redbrick Maxis wall on the bottom of the windows to match the walling used on the exterior. I also used, but also haven't included, an invisible driveway recolour because the ground underneath the driveway has been paved to match the paths to the front door. I use roddyaleixo's invisible driveway cover though there are several versions out there and you might already have one of your own. Finally, I originally put a grill on the gable end wall (see source picture) but removed it for the download version. If you want it to be closer to the original, you might want to put that back.

There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms in the unfurnished version. The floors are pale wooden floors or white tiles with the Paste wallpaper throughout. There is one custom wall included: an adaption of the in-game Redbrick wall with stone plinth. I have rearranged the plinth here to work for a foundation which means the actual stone plinth bit is about three-quarters of the way up the wall. Looks terrible used as a regular wall but works on the foundation.

The Garage
The garage was attached to the house built on a foundation using the ConstrainFloorElevation cheat. As a result, there are two wall blocks which are distorted near the front door and near the back door. I have 'papered' the walls with the Redbrick walls and, of course, the pattern distorts at these two points. I decided to go with that because the brick pattern fitted the source and to change it would change the character of the house too much for my tastes. However, you may not like this so may want to change the walling at that point. A nice plain plaster would work well round the garage.

Furnished Version
The furnished version is fully furnished throughout. I removed one of the bathrooms downstairs to make room for a range kitchen at that point. There is a dining area and a large lounge. Upstairs there are four bedrooms and a bathroom. Currently, there is a master bedroom, a children's bedroom and then a nursery and one bedroom used as a study. While I was decorating, I felt overwhelmed at one point by the grey-ness of Maxis textures and couldn't go on using Maxis wallpapers. So I have included three wallpapers and one carpet (details below) of my own to relieve the horror. These are entirely optional.

Finally, I started on decorating the garden and got carried away so the furnished version of the lot has the beginnings of one of my trademark cottage style gardens at least at the back. You may want to do some weeding because the way I build these uses a lot of plants in odd places and sims can't easily garden them. I thought I'd leave it there for you to enjoy - at first. Either that or use a hack like Perfect Plants to keep the garden looking as it should. That, of course, makes the furnished lot price rather high.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 110,428
Lot Price (unfurnished):40,292

Custom Content Not-Included:
- Excell Exteriors - Bay Window System by FifthAce2007 - here
- roddyaleixo invisible driveway recolour - here

Custom Content Included by me - included in the Sims2Pack files:
White recolours of FifthAce's bay windows:
- baywindow_main_white recolour
- baywindow_double_white recolour
- baywindow_single_white recolour

- Redbrick Foundation is a wall created to work on foundations. This is a rearrangement of Maxis textures to produce a wall texture that gives foundations a stone plinth (not suitable for regular walls)
- Grecal Russet Stripe Wallpaper using a texture from John Lewis (pattern is no longer available)
- Philadelphia Wallpaper also using a texture from John Lewis (pattern is no longer available) Link: John Lewis
- Yellow Polka Carpet - texture by me - and
- Yellow Polka Wallpaper with Wainscot - both from my Pale Pastel Polkadot Patterned Wallpapers

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