Stockable - We'll Meat Again
So here is a second batch of stockable foods, this time things from the Deli meat counter and butchers.  I did far less fiddling around this time partly because there are fewer files and partly because there were fewer problems with the stuff I have. 


L-R: back: 
  • ATS Country Ham and sausages (here)
  • Hanging Hunk O' Meat from Retail Sims 
  • Sausage Fest from Retail Sims (plus recolour)
(HChangeri disappeared from the sims community some time ago and, as far as I can tell Retail Sims is disappearing or unstable, anyway, for the moment, Retail Sims items are here)

First Shelf:
  • Tinkle Hot Dog Buns and Hot Dogs (these were at BPS but when that closed she moved to Sim Pearls though these files don't seem to be posted there)
Second Shelf:
  • Butcher Packaging from Retail Sims, as above

With the butchers meats already available, this rounds out the meat counter in your shops quite nicely I think.  Found in Appliances>Miscellaneous

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