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In my quest to Britishize my game, I’ve given many an idle thought to creating typical high street shops such as a deli or butchers.  The recent releases of stockable food items have interested me and I have downloaded a good few.  I like things like hunks of cheese and ham joints being made useable by sims – they can buy them in sims’ community businesses, take ‘em home and put them in the fridge.  Excellent.  

However, not everything that’s been released has suited me.  My personal preference – and I mean personal, I’m not pointing any fingers of blame or censure here – is for things that are saleable should look like things that would be saleable.  A lot of the recent food items has seen a range of items made stockable, from what I would think of as in-store display items, e.g. large cheese truckles, to individual portions of stuff (slices of cheese) through things like made (inedible, decorative) meals on plates.  In my sims world, I want food items that look like something sims might have legitimately purchased – in other words buyable portions of food items and ingredients, not display arrangements or plates of food.  And then there’s large cakes – I want those as items the sims take home and scoff, with or without their family.  But that’s another issue and I will look into making them edible at a later date.

Because this is how I want things, I found I weeded the available stockable items quite a bit and, though I’m pleased with what I have, there’s not so much of it now.  I also have quite a bit of other food CC that I’ve downloaded over the years that I’d like to be stockable.  So, inevitably, if I want more food and more believable buyable portions, I’ll have to do it myself. 


Hence, here’s a batch of cheeses to start with.  There are (file name first and short description):
  • Cheeseslice – a slice of Jong Belegan (which I believe means aged (moderately) cheese rather than being a specific type)
  • Cheeseslicebetterandbetter – wheel of Dutch cheese with a quarter cut out
  • Gouda – a truckle of Gouda (do they call them truckles in Holland?).  You know, one of them red balls.
  • GoudaHalf – a half truckle or half ball of Gouda
  • MESH_Simal_BreakfastClutter_SlicedCheese – looks like a slice of camembert, made by Simal at T$R (boo) here I’ve never downloaded that set, I must have got the mesh through a downloaded lot I think.
  • TSM-Cheese-Zx_Ta – a conversion from The Sims Medieval (LJ here)
  • Whole Dutch Cheese – a wheel of Dutch cheese complete (the file definitely renamed)
  • Camembert - a small camembert (simlished - the file name definitely changed)
There are recolours for the cheese slice (3), the cheeseslicebetterandbetter (1), the whole Gouda (1), the Simal Camembert (2 recolours from me – Cambozola and Port Salut – see below) and a recolour for the TSM cheese (also from me – a Double Gloucester)

Double Gloucester - hur!

I’m not sure who made the Dutch cheeses or the Camembert. 
I’ve set all the cheeses to appear in Kitchen Appliances>Miscellaneous as many people seem to like food stuff there in the catalogue (my personal preference is to make the items invisible to the catalogue and contained in a collection but I’ve altered the settings back for this upload).

Pricing – I’ve repriced everything and have developed a rough scheme based on the size of the items.  The food value each gives is related to size and value.  My guide is as follows
  • Large things (the large display things – none of which I include here, plus the big bits of cheese) around $50 or more
  • Medium things (medium sized stuff like small truckles, i.e. more than a single portion but not the whole cheese) $40-50
  • Small things (individual portions, like a slice of cheese) up to $35 or so
As always, there are caveats to my downloads and in this case quite big ones.  If you’re going to download these, please read what I’ve said about what I’ve done with the files.  I’m an inveterate file-fiddler and I’ve made quite a few changes, some of which you might not like.  I’ve made the files to suit myself.  Having said that, I’ve also done what I think of as ‘corrections’ here and there. 
First of all, I edit nearly all the files I use according to my own general principles, changing prices to be realistic (no more cheese priced at $4000 a piece thank you), setting price degradation (especially with food items - ending at 1 or 0 – my idea being that sims eat the stuff and after a while there’s nothing left), changing wants categories (I do not want a want for ‘buy a sculpture’ to be fulfilled by a piece of cheese) and so on.  I’ve set all these files to have no want category, prices are according to the above scheme.  I also routinely rename files.  Often not by much – removing spaces and odd symbols mostly – though I will rename a file more descriptively if the name is just ‘cheese’.  But if you already have some of these items, you may want to look for the original files manually since the new versions of the files may not overwrite.  I have not changed the GUIDs.
More specifically, I’ve altered some particular things with these files:
With the soft cheese (Simal), I edited the mesh because it was sitting partially below any shelf or table it was placed on – it looked like it had sunk into the surface.  It now sits properly on any surface it’s placed on.  However, I also remapped this item because in the original, the rind portion of the mesh was mapped inside the cheese portion which meant the rind used the same texture as the cheese.  With the original item, this looked ok but I wanted to make cambozola and that didn’t work at all.  As it’s been remapped, it now draws its rind texture from an unused part of the texture.  I fixed the original texture (and also include two new recolours – a cambozola and a Port Salut).  However, if you have any recolours of the original mesh, they will no longer work (though you could always send them my way and I’ll try and fix them or let you have a copy of the mesh map).
L-R, top row: Simal Camembert cheese slice thing including my Cambozola and Port Salut recolours; CheeseSliceBetterandBetter showing the rotation; the half Gouda; Bottom: Cheese slice with its recolours; the whole Dutch cheese; the Gouda ball/truckle whatever.

With the half Gouda and the cut wheel (cheeseslicebetterandbetter), I have rotated the original meshes because I wanted the feature (cut) side facing outwards when you placed it on a shelf.  I also rotated the Camembert so the name faced forward instead of backward.  I found out a couple of important things. 
First of all, the half Gouda would become partially transparent when placed in a see-through shelf like the Decra-chill.  This was a problem with the original version because the alpha for the texture for the cheese bit was set to blend in the TXMT but you couldn’t see it so easily when it was turned round (unless you rotated it).  Much though I was tempted to add a textured alpha channel to give the cheese surface some variation, I decided against it.  I set it to none instead which dealt with the transparency issue – if I really want to have some detail there, it could just as effectively be added to the actual texture.  I had to tell myself, it’s just a small object, a piece of cheese!  Stoppit!  I’ve no idea how I got to be soooo fussy.  (note from later: Sigh – so it bugged me so much, I remapped it, just the cheese bit so there’s a bit more detail on the cheese face.  This will not break any existing recolours).
With the cut wheel (cheeseslicebetterandbetter), there’s something weird going on with the mesh there.  It’s very oddly constructed and I struggled to do the rotation.  However, I did manage it and also tidied it up slightly.  I also remapped this but not in a way that would break any original recolours so this should be ok.  It was definitely odd that.   Awkward.
I altered the shelf stacking size of all the objects.  All the small stuff should pack six to a shelf, while the medium sized cheeses will place two to a shelf and that large piece of TSM cheese should sit resplendent by itself.  I also shrank the medieval cheese slightly because it had a tendency to overlap the edge of a square when placed -not a good look in the Decra-Chill.. 
I actually did quite a lot of work on these didn’t I?  They’re just bits of cheese, for heaven’s sake.  But once I start looking at stuff, I get all picky and just have to fiddle about till I’m happy (or happier) with it. 
More to come…

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