Decorative, Wall Art: Future Travel 50s Style - Through the Solar System
These files were originally posted at MTS.

At the time I made my JPL posters, I also made a second set of space posters based on various images I'd come across whilst on one of my image trips across the internet (credits below).  These are vintage-style posters and I decided to make a set to cover the entire solar system as a complement to the JPL set and also in keeping with my 50s wallpapers which I was also working on at the time.


There is one poster for each planet in the solar system and so they form a complete set. Pluto is included since it was still a planet in the 1950s and also because the notion of skiing on Pluto somehow amused me greatly. They are all recolours of the Nightlife Pineapple poster and have all been Simlished.  You will, therefore, need NL for these to show up in your game.

Anyway, if you want to build a 1950s spaceport, these are for you. You can imagine it as being pre-bomb Fallout style. Yeah. OK, now I'm confused. What year is it? Anyway, I think they're nice and hope you do too.




Several images (though not all) are by Steve Thomas and you can visit his website here (such fun) and see some of his other wonderful vintage style posters. The Mars image is from SpaceX.

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