Retro Wallpapers - Let's Recreate the 1950s
These were originally posted at MTS.  

However, they have been updated.  These wallpapers were originally made before I was completely in the habit of making interior walls fit to ceilings and so the original textures went to the top of the wall.  The textures on these new versions of the files have been adjusted so that the crown of the paper sits at the point on the texture to make it appear correctly when viewed with the ceilings visible.  Otherwise, there is a gap at the top of the paper.  If you already have the files and have used them, you should be able to simply replace the files in your Downloads folder.  I inserted new textures into the original files rather than make new wallpaper files (the textures have been compressed).  This means the internal references should be the same and, if you have used the files already, the new versions should simply replace the ones you've already decorated with.  However, I am not entirely sure this will work, so if you have any problems, please let me know. I haven't made new pictures BTW - the pictures here are the originals but the crown you can see on the swatch has been moved down (and in some cases, the pattern adjusted slightly) so all the crown is now seen below the ceiling.

Grammapat did a WCIF a while back asking about CC to make a pink bathroom 1950s style and I went mad and made a whole set of tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. But something about the websites I was looking at for ideas got to me and I went even madder still. As I travelled across the internet looking for inspiration, found some lovely textures that I thought would work nicely as retro style wallpapers with a modern take. 


As with the tiles, the selection is (loosely) based around a colour set based on classic 50s design: pink, turquoise, lemon, chartreuse and candy apple red. There are 4 pink walls, 5 turquoise walls, 3 lemon (yellow) walls, 5 chartreuse walls and 2 candy apple red wallpapers plus a cream wallpaper which I just liked and thought had a retro vibe. A set of 20 wallpapers in all then – all have the same kickboard and crown.


I also made some carpets based on an interesting spotted texture I found. Again there are five colours, pink, turquoise, lemon, chartreuse and candy apple red, to go with the walls.


The walls are all classed in the wallpaper section and cost $7. The floors are in the carpets section and also cost $7.  See swatches for names should you want to delete any.  The names are derived from the sources for the textures.

Chartreuse L-R: Siraa; Kasey's Dress; Stripes; Apogee; Marrakesh

Pink L-R: Retro Funk; Dias Coral; Tivoli; Rustic Damask; Candy Stripes

Turquoise L-R: Groovy Diamonds; Stripes; Albertine; Fans; Turkos Leaf

Candy Apple Reds & Yellows L-R: Candy Tart; Yellow Polka Heart; Autumnal Stripes; Vector; CAR New Year

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