Bedrooms: Bedding Variety Pack
These recolours were originally upload at MTS.

This is a small pack of six beddings (from the many I have made). I decided to upload them because I've been asked about a couple in pictures I've posted and because I happen to like them.
The six are called: Crewel Throw; Jacobean Leaves; Pink Hearts; Purple Flower; Purple Paisley and Yellow Buttons. The files have these names so you can find any you don't want easily.

The patterns are mostly from that old reliable texture website, The Fat Strawberry (which seems to have gone now after all these years) though Jacobean Leaves is taken from a swatch from House Decor Interiors. Lovely patterns.

Additional Credits:
The bedding templates, originally by RGiles and updated by darter1234 which makes doing the folds and creases so easy: here

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