Retro Tiled Walls – Pink Bathrooms Forever
These were originally posted at MTS.

Grammapat over at MTS did a WCIF a while back asking about CC to make a pink bathroom, 1950s style. Fantastic idea. I was not much help but something about the websites she linked to got to me and I went mad and made some walls and floors suitable for bathrooms and kitchens Retro 50s style! 


The wall tiling itself is pretty simple really, just plain tiles with a black trim. I went with those classic 50s colours of pink, lemon, turquoise, chartreuse and candy apple red. I also made an all white and a black version. There are two variants of each colour: a full wall tile and a half tiled wall with the black trim. Thus there are 14 walls in the complete set. The top of the walls is taken from the in-game paste paint so the tiling will blend with any EAxis wall which uses that colour option. Each wall has a crown and kickboard with the crown lowered on the texture so that it will show underneath a ceiling.


There is also a second set of walls using the base colours randomly (decision-making process can be described as: whatever I thought worked) with some different patterned textures on the top half of the walls. These were just some (I thought) attractive textures I found on my texture-seeking travels across the internet. These are a set of 11 (originally meant to be 10 but there was an extra one).


The floor tiling is based on a classic design and comes in three options: all white, white with black and white with bronze. All three work well with any of the walls.


So, all pretty unfussy and straightforward but I think the décor makes for a reasonable approximation to something like this:


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While I was looking through my files, I found some extra tiles and I've uploaded them here.  There are two new colours for this set: Powder Blue and Mushroom.  
The reason they weren't in the original upload is that when I originally uploaded this set, I eventually decided on a colour scheme of (what I thought were) typical 50s colours - that is Candy Apple Red, Chartreuse, Lemon, Salmon Pink and Turquoise.  These blue and mushroom files were made at the same time and used the same texture resources but I excluded them from the final release because of the colour scheme.  Actually, a variant of the mushroom tiles was included in the extra walls in the above post.  Well, here are the matching plain tiles for that plus the extra blue ones which I've used quite a bit myself.  They make a good bathroom tile.

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