Shakeshaft's Victorian Shop Facade Recolours
I've always liked Shakeshaft's Victorian Shop Facade for making old-fashioned shopping streets in Little Carping (you know, like those tourist-trap places we have in cities like York and Chester, selling the romance of a Victorian Christmas card image - most British shopping streets look nothing like that.  But still...).  It's an older set of meshes but I still like them very much and do use them fairly often on community lots especially to make PUBS!  There are a lot of pubs in Little Carping (and surrounds).  They also work great for making pokey little shops: Victorian survivors in Sirencester's modern shopping streets.  But there were two things I wanted to do with the set.  
First of all, colours.  The original meshes came in green and I have not found any other recolours (though there may well be some).  However, I made, quite a while ago now, a set of Victorian pub tile walls (they're here) in six very Victorian colours: Laurel; Honey; Burgundy; Cobalt; Chestnut and Buttermilk (a sort of palish green).  So I made a set of matching recolours of the meshes in this set.  These recolours came out pretty well I think (for the most part - not so sure about Chestnut) and do match my walls.  Now I can make pubs with appropriate walls AND matching facades!  Hurrah!  There are five recolours - I did make a Laurel recolour but it's so close to the original colour, I've not included it.  The colours are Honey; Burgundy; Cobalt; Chestnut and Buttermilk.  Here they are matched up with my walls.  It's a slaved set, so there are only four recolour files of each colour IYSWIM - that's because there are four master objects and only they get recoloured.  There are, therefore, 20 files.  
Secondly, shop names - the original set has a set of 'recolours' with shop names but they're in English.  I, personally, prefer Simlish in my game so I made a set of Simlish shop names too.  There are 17 of them (pick and choose I'd say) including a much-needed blank 'recolour'.  These are for the second colour channel of the 'Shop Sign' meshes - i.e. those boards that make up the top part of the facade (i.e. the bits with writing on them in the pictures).  The names are: Antiques; Bakery; Bookshop; Butchers; Confectioners; Delicatessen; Draper; Fishmonger; Florist; Greengrocer; Grocer; Ironmonger; Pharmacy; Tea Rooms; Tobacconist and Toy Shop.  
With these, because all the shop sign boards are slaved to the 8-tile version, the width of the letters is compressed to varying degrees in all the smaller signs.  I still think they look fine - here's a comparison picture of the 8-tile sign board with smallest 2-tile sign board.  There's nothing to be done about it anyway since it's a slave set and they all use the same texture.

You will need to get the original meshes from T$R (hissssss - sorry) if you don't already have them: here

BTW, I've put these in the Build Mode section because they include recolours for doors and windows and, even so, the buy mode objects (the signs and awnings) are used when you're building anyway (I think).

Finally, there's a bit more to come for this set - so watch this space.

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Thanks for this - You've saved me having to do the recolours myself. (I was going to do them in Australian Federation colours - which are similar to the Victorian colours)

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