Amaryll Snuggly and Papillon Dresses - Jewel Colours
So, I've been away from TS2 for a bit dealing with RL (marking - ugh!) and now have a bit of time and I'M BACK!!  I made these a couple of weeks ago as a bit of light relief from work and thought I'd upload them but naturally there's a bit of a story with them.  

I'm not normally much of a skinner but I liked these two dress meshes from Amaryll.  I must have downloaded the original files months ago because I CANNOT find the original download threads to link to which is annoying as hell.  That's something I very much like to do - probably a hold over from my time at MTS.  However, Amaryll I know posts at GoS and has a Livejournal (under the name Withered Lilies).  If anyone knows where I got the mesh files from originally, please let me know. 
I did some plain recolours for both meshes.  I realise there are probably several plain recolours of both already available (if I could find them to look at, I could tell!) so this might be a bit of a repetition of something already out there but my thinking here goes something like this: I have this habit when making stuff (usually objects) to always want a recolour in all the primary colours - or a version thereof - a red, a yellow, a blue, a green and sometimes light and dark versions and then secondary colours too; every time I make something, I'm forever reinventing the colours I'm using to suit whatever it is I'm making; I have made recolours of objects in quite a large variety of blues (and greens and reds and yellows) by now; I'm kind of getting irritated by that; I have come to realise I like strong jewel-like tones, i.e. well-saturated - I've found over the years that I tend to dislike and, therefore, habitually delete recolours of stuff which are discreet, tasteful and desaturated (looking at you BB - like the meshes, textures not so much) - I have no taste.  And I don't care.
Soooooo, what I did a while back was develop a palette for myself to save some time working out what colours to use and also that I might have a slightly more harmoniously coloured game with textures at least able to blend with each other and not be decorating with 56 types of blue (or green, red or yellow or whatever).  So when I came across these dress meshes, I used them as a recolour test for my new palette (I can do colour swaps ok).  I was fairly happy with the results.  I haven't provided a complete palette for both dresses but have made a selection for each one.  This is because, depending on the original texture, some colours from the palette come out very similar (blond and chartreuse can behave very similarly on a fairly dark gray original for example) and some I thought were not particularly successful.  For my use, that's completely fine.  I want stuff that I feel works.  It sounds a bit pretentious for me to have my own palette but it's already saving me a lot of time and fiddling about.  

Anyway, hope you like these.  The colours are as follows:
For the Papillon dress I used (l-r, top-bottom): cherry; sandstone; turquoise; coffee; blond; aegean; aubergine; crocodile
For the Snuggly dress I used (l-r, top-bottom): peacock; garnet; aubergine; spice; chartreuse; coffee

Mesh included

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I like these - especially the snuggly dresses

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