Vintage Caravan/Trailer Fixture Overlays
These were originally posted over at MTS.

I responded to frenchyxo22's WCIF over at MTS. She wanted walls for trailers or caravans (as we call them here in the UK) in vintage colours and styles. I made some years ago which have been sitting on my Yahoo group and offered them up. That was ok but then I started to think (fatal). I didn't like some of the details I had on the original walls so I changed them and separated out the walls (which you can find here) from the added features such as grills, hatches and rear/tail lights. I put these last as overlays on Pixelhate's Recolourable Full Poster Wall Overlay though the recolours were actually made with Boiling Oil's revision of the mesh where he changed some of the parameters (to make more sense). That version of the mesh can be found here which, if you don't have it already is the version I advise using.
There are nine recolours in total. Two sets of rear lights, a hazard triangle symbol, a number plate (in Simlish), a speed limit indicator, three hatches and an external grill to let air out of the interior of the van. Images came off the internet (mostly caravanning sites) except the grill which I made from scratch. You can place copies of the wall overlay on one tile multiple times. This means you can layer the items here - so you can have the speed limit indicator sitting under the number plate if you like - as can be seen in the main picture above.

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Now we just need to find a way of making curved corners, and then the caravan is perfect.
You know, I've thought about doing that with a window - but you couldn't paste wallpaper over it.
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