Vintage Caravan/Trailer Walls
These walls were originally uploaded to MTS - and, actually, a million years ago on my Yahoo group (now defunct), at least the original three walls.

I responded to a WCIF by frenchyxo22's over at MTS. She wanted walls for trailers or caravans (as we call them here in the UK) in vintage colours and styles. I made some years ago which have been sitting on my Yahoo group and offered them up. That was ok but then I started to think about them again (fatal). I didn't like some of the details so I changed them and separated out the walls themselves from the added features such as grills, hatches and rear/tail lights (you can find those here). 
This is a set of six walls designed for trailers. They are stripey!! The originals were the green, mustard yellow and turquoise walls. I adjusted them slightly and added the pink, candy apple red and blue. There are two 'floors' as well which make matching roofing. I'm going to have to rebuild my caravan and trailer parks now. Mama Hick will have to move out for the duration. She does not thank you frenchyxo22!

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