Victorian Pub Tiles Walls and Floors
These were originally posted at MTS.  These files are the same as the ones over there.  I posted them here because I've also posted some recolours of matching pub stuff: Victorian Shop Facades are here. So, here they are: 

In my quest to British-ise my game, I've wanted for a while to create a set of walls for tiling pubs. Tiled pubs are a bit of a thing in England, especially in towns and cities. You can see some examples in this Google search. They've been around for a long time and first appeared in the Victorian era and so typically come in very Victorian colours. This set of tiles is designed to help you recreate that type of pub. This style of tiling was also used in large public buildings in the Victorian period so they have a dual purpose!
So I am now able to build my tiled pubs to my own satisfaction. I am starting to achieve quite a good effect, especially in combination with Sandy's (Around the Sims) Irish Pub Set which I have long loved (and you can see in the screenshots in case you were wondering). Here's a close up of the effect I was trying to create:
This is a set of fourteen floor tiles and 24 wall tiles. The floor tiles are encaustic tiles with the images drawn from the web. The wall tiles are all my own creation except for the Leighton tile inserts, though the colours are drawn from examples I found. 

The floors are in five styles: Arts & Crafts; Blenheim; Chatsworth; Arundel; and Bristol. Some have only one colour variety, others more - see the swatch. The Bristol set comes with an edging and so there are seven files for this style - two corners, two outer corners, two edge and a base tile. This is so you can create a room or passage-way with an edging. You will need an EP Pets or above to use the floor-tile rotation feature in order to get all variants needed to make a complete square. If someone asks me nicely, I might be persuaded to make a complete set of these for use with Base Game up to Pets.

The walls come in four varieties: two exterior walls and two interior walls. The exterior walls are fully tiled with a large crown which goes to the full height of the wall. The large crown is intended to provide space for a pub name (an example is shown in the pictures). There are two interior walls which are half-tiled with a smaller crown designed to sit under a ceiling. Both pairs come in a plain version and a version with a Leighton Embossed Tile insert panel. The colours are: Burgundy; Buttermilk; Chestnut; Cobalt; Honey and Laurel. Very Victorian. I'm pleased with those.

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