Architecture: A Bit Steep and Conexion Extra Recolours
So, as an extra thing, I thought I'd like to add some value to the fact I'm starting to transfer my files here from MTS, starting with the Conexion Quarter-Height roof pieces I made (see here).  I thought some extra recolours might be fun.  Here are a selection of the recolours on all three of the Conexion pieces that are available (the original EAxis ones, WhiteWaterWood's half height versions over at MTS and my quarter height versions.
I made 10 new recolours using the EAxis textures as a base.  That is there are brown, orange, purple, turquoise and magenta in both tiles and the metal plates design.  So the tiles:
And the metal plate design:
Mind you, I didn't stop to think whether I should make these, just that I could.  That magenta is a bit much really.

As the textures are the same, I also made a set for the A Bit Steep Roofs as well - tiles:
And Metal Plates:
Just for the LULZ really.

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Oh I didn't see these before now. Thanks - you're right, that pinky magenta is a bit bright!

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