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I will. Is it OK if I post up thoughts about it on Tumblr? Or is there somewhere here that I could do that?
Oh knock yourself out - or post in the Polgannon section here (which I really need to get started). There are places where there's stuff about Polgannon at MTS and on tumblr. It's all good - though let me know where you post - then I can come over and have a look. I finally uploaded Polgannon (it took me four years) in 2015 so there's been plenty of time for people to post about it and any spoilers. There's a whole thread over at MTS.
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Excellent! I stayed up way too late reading everything I could through RUFIO and making a mother of spreadsheets, and combing through people's memories and relationships. I love over-analysing things. Big Grin

I'm trying to stay away from the MTS threads so I can avoid spoilers, but I have downloaded the extra families, and the cross-check spreadsheet thingy.

A technical question for you -

How in the name of Will Wright did you get the High Street Lot to be on both sides of the road? That's amazing and cool!
Oh Moo's LotAdjuster:

I actually was part of her testing team for that so I'm pretty familiar with it. I did a lot of lot fiddling with that neighbourhood. It's not the only odd lot. Having said that, I'd do some things very differently if I ever made a new neighbourhood (and I *did* think about that at one point).
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Hi Everyone!
I've been playing sims 2 again for a few months now and have been having loads of fun with all the custom content on Mod the Sims, where I found your link. I'm so happy to see more recent posts than 2015 and to know the community is alive and kicking. So I really just registered to say THANK YOU for your work!

If you have any useful guides you can point to in terms of getting into making your own stuff, I'd be very much interested in that as I've run into some dead links to stuff like the simpe software. In any case, I'll be sure to keep an eye on this forum!

Many thanks,
Hey Polyke and welcome. There are a lot of guides out there - many on the MTS modding forums as a matter of fact. Also, you might look at Leefish and Huge Lunatic's website (SimsWorkshop) but there is information all over the place. If I want to know something specifically, I usually just Google it and see what comes up as a hit. Having said that, by all means ask if you have a specific project in mind. It's usually easier to give advice if we have some idea what you want to do. The MTS forums or tumblr are probably more helpful places to visit to ask questions though since they have much higher traffic than this site.

Having said that, the situation with SimPE is a bit frustrating but the latest version of the programme was made available on MTS and it's here:
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