Beautifulnerdkitty Brown Row House
I loved these neighbourhood row houses originally posted by beautifulnerdkitty (linky) 
but the brown recolour (at right), at least for me, either had an error or got corrupted.  The windows were flashing pink indicating that the internal referencing was off (you could see the issue in SimPE's scenegraph - and here in the picture). It might be something to do with the Better Nightlife mod from Criquette, though I have that (it's needed) and that didn't prevent the problem.
So I remade the file and it's working now.  You can see all three houses in lot view:
And they light up at night:

I have only uploaded the fixed brown recolour here.  There is some repository thing going on with the files so you will need the base master mesh (the white colour) from beautifulnerdkitty's page - link above.

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