Polgannon News 1 - Dec 2022 Solution
I posted this on the Polgannon tumblr blog in Decxember 2022 HERE

Polgannon News 1 - December 2022
I have a couple of things to report about Polgannon and, to some extent, something to say about what I’m doing at the moment and will be doing in the future.  I’m going to put the update into two posts to break it all down a bit.  

Polgannon, Hall of Fame and the True Solution!  


Polgannon Stream
Earlier this year, Tea Addict – a much loved member of the simming community and Sims 2 streamer – played through Polgannon live on her Twitch stream channel (linky).  I attended most of the streams providing background encouragement and the occasional bit of help.  I really, really enjoyed it.  I’m not kidding.  For me, it was a lovely experience seeing people having fun with something I’d made.

TeaAddict and her cabal of watchers looked at the murder scene, deplored Blaise, collected information from all the residents of Polgannon, went through all the evidence and motives and discussed the many shady and dreadful characters – suspecting many along the way.  However, they worked very, very hard, TeaAddict did her homework(!), they sorted through the evidence and, collectively, they (streamer and watchers) came to a successful conclusion.  Hurrah!  The streams are a lot of fun: lots of laughing, tea drinking and pointing collective fingers at sus characters.  

So following on from that..

Hall Of Fame
Following on from that, the true solution to Polgannon has now been in the public domain for some time.  For this reason, I am now closing the Hall Of Fame with TeaAddict and her stream community members the last on the list of successful solvers. 

This is the final list of successful solvers of Polgannon's mystery (or the ones who contacted me with a proposed solution that was correct):  HERE,   Congrats to them.

This does not mean you cannot contact me, if you want to have a shot at the solution by yourself.  I will still respond with a breakdown of why you are wrong (or possibly right) but I will not now add your name to the list of glory.  Sorry.

The True Solution
Tea Addict has now uploaded all of the streams to her You Tube Channel and you can go and watch them if you’d like to.  If you really just want to know whodunnit, you may want to skip to the final broadcast in the series with the solution:

The point where they actually got to the solution is from about 1hr:20mins.  They’re searching for the murder weapon and find it!  They knew it was there somewhere because it’s in the CC collection for the neighbourhood!  This lead them, bearing in mind the evidence they had uncovered, to the correct conclusion about who it was who murdered Blaise Penhaligan on All Hallows Eve!

TeaAddict’s UTube Channel where you can watch the whole series (along with other things she’s done and is doing) is here.

And her Twitch channel is here.  She broadcasts 2-3 times per week.
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