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First of all, this forum is hosted by Interserver and operates under their Terms of Service.  You can read their ToS here: Breaking Interservers’ ToS can lead to this board being closed.  Their rules are incorporated in the Rules for this board and are included below.

Site Purpose and Uploading Files
Secondly, this site is primarily intended as a home for Sims 2 content that I, maxon, the site owner, create for the game.  I wish to have a home for the CC and other things that I create to be available and shared with other players.  There is also a section created as a workshop to fix problems with files from other users (it happens – we all miss stuff when we make things) – this is the only section where CC other than mine can be uploaded and the person uploading said files will be me most of the time.  

This is not, therefore, a site for users to share files.  You will find that you are able to upload files because the board had to be set to allow this so you, the user, can download files.  But I ask you to please respect my aims here and not upload files (unless invited) – any unauthorised files uploaded to the site will be removed.  

Site Chat/Forum Threads Behaviour
Although the site was not created specifically for chat, I have no objection (at all) to people sticking around to engage in conversation.  I would like the site to remain a friendly and relaxed forum where we can discuss the Sims games (and other games) without provoking or attacking each other.  

I don’t want this forum to be a restricted and prissy place but, at the same time, I will not allow bad or aggressive behaviour to pass.  I expect people to behave like adults if they post here and be respectful of other users.  Remember: people on the net will disagree with you.  Get over it.  Specifically:
Personal Attacks
Don't insult, provoke or harass other posters in a personal way.  Pointing out the flaws of a point or argument is normally permissible so long as it is not done in such an aggressive way as to become an attack in any case.  Example: an insult: "You are [e.g. dumb];" not an insult: "Your point is [e.g. dumb]."

Hate Speech
Don’t use intolerant or hateful terms, or be hateful towards any person or group of people.  I won’t accept intolerant language or slurs targeted at any race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The same applies to mental illness, mental conditions, or disability.

Inciting, encouraging, or threatening physical harm against any another person or group is prohibited.  Posting images, videos, or linking to content showing people being physically harmed is also prohibited.  This is a games forum so fictional in-game violence may be shown or discussed (obviously).

No Spam
Spam for commercial sites, drugs, or other spam content will be removed and the perpetrator permabanned. 

Piracy – No WAREZ
You may have your own opinion on piracy, but linking to or uploading pirated content is not allowed.  The use of doctored exe files can be discussed but not for pirating purposes.

Stay On (or Close to) Topic
We can all enjoy a joke, but lame or low effort pointless crap can quickly become irritating. Don’t.

I have no objection myself to swearing but too much of it is usually, well, dull and pointless and off-putting.  So you can swear but be sensible.  I ain’t your momma. 

Nudity/Porn/NSFW content
As a general rule, please don’t post.  Sexual content, erotic fiction, kink discussions etc. and generally being creepy is also not welcome.

User Privacy
Don't post other people's personal information without their permission (doxing).

Illegal Content/Copyright 
Don’t post illegal materials or copyright-breaking stuff.

Moderation will take into account context and will attempt to be sensitive to the user.  But I ask that you respect moderator decisions.  While I am generally pretty tolerant, please remember this is not a public space but my site and I can and will delete material I don’t like.  A warning will be given for a first offense but persistent disregard of the rules and intentions of this site will result in escalating the measures and will involve either a temporary ban or me wielding the permanent BANHAMMER as the ultimate measure!

If you have an issue with a moderation action, don’t continue to argue the case in the thread where you are moderated. Doing so will be considered bad faith and actionable. You can follow up any concern you have about moderation but please do so by Private Message.

Be excellent to each other and enjoy the forum.

This forum and site is not affiliated with EA Games and any content here does not reflect their attitudes or ideas.
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