Country Kitchen Pastel Plank Walls
This is my entry for the SimPearls Wallpaper Makes the Room contest for July 2020.  
The brief was to create two walls to a theme of a country kitchen.  I'm never sure when people talk about decorating styles whether I miss something about that.  For this I just thought about my grandmother's home when I was a child - miles out in the country.  It was always colder there than it was at home in the city and everything was a bit worn but also clean and bright (because the air was considerably cleaner).  I came across a picture with these lovely pastel painted planks which, I thought, got across the idea of that pretty well.  

.rar   max_CKPastelPlanksWalls.rar (Size: 282.69 KB / Downloads: 445)
I made two walls for the contest but there's also an extra wall in the rar file with just the planks going floor to ceiling which could be used as an outside wall. The interior walls, as is usual with walls I make, are designed to work with the ceilings in the game - so the crown board sits under the ceiling.

I've been doing a few of these contests and events lately and really enjoying them.
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