Targas Transparent Water Fix - IN TESTING
Vegan-kaktus over at MTS asked about Targas's Transparent Water Fix which had started crashing the game when you tried to select or load the large fish tank (Aquabox 60 gallon) that came with Apartment Life.  The mod was made long before that EP appeared and I thought that the internal referencing was possibly not up-to-date but that turned out not to be the problem.  In fact, logical when I actually looked at the file and found out that the mod is in reality a simple texture default replacement.  

In fact, it was a very, very simple fix - at least as far as I can tell.  The problem was that the texture format of the texture causing the issue was misidentified as a Raw24Bit rather than DXT3 so the game was misreading the texture.  Literally, a one-click fix in SimPE (well, three if you count the commit and save).

However - caveat:

I was so taken aback by this - it would appear to be a simple mistake by Targas (one we've all made if you've fiddled with textures) - I couldn't quite believe this was correct. I meant to test the hell out of the file but, as usual, I got distracted by something else and it slipped out of sight (to the bottom of my 'Work in Progress' folder in fact).  I thought I might have missed something obvious.  Also, I can't quite believe the base game texture file which the Aquabox references isn't used elsewhere.  It should have caused crashing long before AL if the format was wrong.  I dunno.

Anyway, Vegan-kaktus contacted me again on tumblr and asked about progress so I have posted the file here with the caveat that if you do download it and try it, it might cause a crash down the line when the game calls the texture in some other context.  If it does, PLEASE let me know either here or over at tumblr.  This file is currently regarded as IN TESTING.
For anyone reading this who doesn’t know what the mod does, it defaults the water textures so that bath water appears as transparent.  It was originally uploaded to MTS’s sister site Sexy Sims 2 - not sure why exactly, perhaps because with it you can see the little sims’ bodies in the bath.  Personally, I like it and, if it proves to be a robust fix, I will be pleased with that.  I have not changed the file name so if you already have the mod, you can just overwrite (though you might want to back up the original just in case). I also might try some further development of the file since it is somewhat large and contains the LIFOs as well as the main textures. HL informs me on that MTS thread that the LIFOs are not needed so I might try removing them at a later date.

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