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Decorative, Wall Art: Society 6 Prints - maxon - 02-08-21

I made this CC for the Christmas in July event 2021 at Garden of Shadows.  After I got done with making the present I made for Infinite Iterations as part of the event, I decided to make these pictures as a Stocking Stuffer because I was bashing out lots of textures for recolours anyway and how can one (or six) more pictures files hurt? I'd had the images hanging around for ages and I really like them.  


So, these are six prints made for the It Will Last Longer picture mesh from Thread and Sandpaper - I really like this mesh because of its nice clean lines.  

The prints themselves are from Society6 - something else I really like because of the lovely and interesting images you can see there.  I'd recommend a visit. The pictures are top-bottom, left-right: Sunflowers and Bee; Fox in Quiet Forest; Because the Ocean; World to See; Cat in Flower Garden; Cat in the Garden.


This is an Index image for GoS: