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Chinese Jade Wall Panels - maxon - 26-03-21

Back in 2015, I made some wall panels for NanaWildflowers over at MTS.  The textures, as I remember it, were taken from a swatch originally posted by daislia whose downloads and, now, site has long since vanished.  So these aren't the original files or textures.  As far as I know though, this is the only version of this CC now available.  I originally put them on Mediafire but I have lost access to my account there and they might eventually disappear so I thought I'd give them a permanent home here.

Not a great picture but you can see what they're like.



I'd normally put stuff like this in CC Fixins' but in this case I put them here because there are some other Eastern fresco panel walls to come and they make a collection.  Will post these later but in this thread I think.

RE: Chinese Jade Wall Panels - maxon - 14-04-21