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Modern Nursery Starlight Walls - maxon - 15-08-20

This is my entry for the SimPearls Wallpaper Makes the Room contest for August 2020 - the brief was to design a modern nursery.
When I did my research for this (aka looking at pictures on Google), I found a lot of achingly tasteful designs in severely bleached out colours and lots of gray (GRAY! In a BABY's room!).  The modern advice seems to be to create a calming room for a baby. But with all the leached out colours and dead grays, I felt many modern little darlings must be badly sensory-deprived. You know: numb rather than calm, even if they have burgeoning highly-refined tastes.  

So, as I don't want to underburden our little sim children and I absolutely have no taste, I made these instead. Not sure they quite come under the area of modern either.

I only made the yellow walls for the contest but I also include an alternative in green because that was what I was going to do first - then I changed my mind.  There's also a cream carpet in the rar file - based on one of the EAxis carpets though I've forgotten which one.  I was going for a modern (natch) calm atmosphere but with something a child might actually want to look at.  Besides, those watercolour stars are lovely.


Yellow Swatch needed for entry: