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Stroke Paintings - maxon - 02-02-23

These are some recolours of the A, B and C Stroke paintings.  

The yachts was the first picture I thought of doing something with - it's an image from one of those phone picture games I was idly playing to pass some time a little while ago while waiting for an appointment.  I thought when I finished the puzzle: 'you know, that's a pretty nice image.  Looks like a nice watercolour.'  So I used that image and then decided to make a small set of it - the pictures are unrelated but are ones I have collected in recent months that I liked.  


There are six paintings in all; two for each painting ('cos I'm a bit tired of having recolours for just the blue one).  They are, from r-l, top-bottom: Sweet Peas; Sea Yachts; Sun on Landscape then Wild Women; Lily Pads and Lake Eyre Coastline.