tflc Terms Of Service
This site is primarily intended as a home for Sims 2 content that I, maxon, the site owner, create for the game. I wish to have a home for the CC and other things that I create to be available and shared with other players. There is also a section created as a workshop to fix problems with files from other users (it happens – we all miss stuff when we make things) – this is the only section where CC other than mine can be uploaded and the person uploading said files will be me most of the time.

This is not, therefore, a site for users to share files. You will find that you are able to upload files because the board had to be set to allow this so you, the user, can download files. But I ask you to please respect my aims here and not upload files (unless invited) – any unauthorised files uploaded to the site will be removed.

Sharing policy - Please use my creations freely for your own purposes though don't upload to any paysites.

The only exception to this is Polgannon. As Polgannon is such a large project and as it specifically contains a complete story which I spent a long time writing, I do not want to see this uploaded anywhere else or converted into a sub-hood or gender-swapped version or anything like that. It's a standalone project and I think it needs to stay that way.

Thank you.