Full Version: Decorative, Rugs: More Lewis's Rugs for Nengi65's Rug Collection
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These were originally posted at MTS.

Here are some more recolours for Nengi65’s great rug mesh (lots and lots: 18 recolours in all)! This is my third set of rug recolours using textures taken from the John Lewis site (though I’ve had to do some work with them to make them work with the mesh properly). Why so many collections based on the rugs there? Every time I go back to the site, I find another rug I really like. Sometimes I think I’d like to carpet my entire house with John Lewis rugs (expensive!!!) – they make some gorgeous rugs. But being able to carpet a sims house with these rugs is the next best thing and I so hope you like them too.


Additionally, if you download these additional slave meshes from Huge Lunatic you can also have these lovely rugs in full room sizes too.  See this thread for copies of the mesh files.


I have stuck the files in one (large) zip. I have named them all carefully and also the pictures on this page. If there are any rugs you don’t want, you should be able to delete the relevant files easily.

L-R, Top-Bottom: Harlequin Hermosa; Lacroix Tempere; Luna Stairs Terracotta; Lustre Amber; Lustre Beryl; Magnolia Ecru

L-R, Top-Bottom: Harlequin Bella; Duck Egg Dandelion; Christopher Far Tricolour; Bluebell Grey; Amelie; Amagansett

L-R, Top-Bottom: Viola Red; Tembok Peony; Soleil Magenta; Poppies; Phipps Aubergine; Midsummer Rose

NB – all other objects in the pictures are Maxis.