Full Version: Decorative, Wall Art: Come Visit by Train - British Retro Travel Posters
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These were originally posted at MTS.

Once upon a time, you used to see travel posters for British holiday (vacation) spots and resorts all over the place, especially in railway stations. These were often sponsored, not by the resorts themselves, but by travel companies (coach/bus, railway and even airline) who wanted to stimulate demand for travel. They have an iconic, unmistakable and very British style.  Here they are in use at Carping Magna station (my main hood):


When I made Polgannon, I had a huge amount of fun attempting to make a poster after this type to be used to advertise the neighbourhood when I released it. I looked at a lot of travel posters online while I made it. Since then, I have wanted the Polgannon image (which took AGES to create and is the most photoshoppy thing I have done) to have a more permanent in-game existence. Consequently, I made it into a recolour for the base game Pineapple Poster wall decoration. 


I thought this poster was a bit lonely, so I chose some other posters which I liked (they are very popular today with collectors and people interested in retro décor and there are a lot of images available on the web) and created a group of four recolours for that poster. 

Whitley Bay; Rhyl; Polgannon; Ireland

However, there were also several landscape format posters which I also wanted to include so I made a remesh of the Pineapple poster into landscape format for those. This is a new mesh. I fiddled around a bit with the images, setting them in a frame and mount and converting the text to Simlish.  The Skegness poster is the base and the others are recolours of that mesh.

East Coast; Skegness; Devon; Torquay

These are then a set of eight travel posters: four in portrait format and four in landscape format to decorate your railway and bus stations with (or indeed your lounges and dining rooms if you so wish). The portrait format are recolours of the ingame Pineapple Poster - and thus you will need to have Nightlife to see them. The landscape format has a new mesh file and three other recolours. It is set at the same price and catalogue settings as the original and so should appear next to the Pineapple painting. The posters are split into two files: one file is the Pineapple recolours, the other is the landscape mesh and recolours - mainly if you only want to download one or the other but not both. 

I've included below some close-up pictures of all the textures.  Polygon Count of new mesh: 248